Skippy's 1st Anniversary!

 Today is a special day.

Metroid, a game franchise from which I learned a lot about game design, was released 36 years ago.

AM2R, my personal 10 year project from which I also learned a lot, was released 6 years ago.

Skippy the Bot, the most popular of my little games on Itch, is now 1 year old.

I'm still working full time as a game designer, and there's a lot I'd like to show you. Don't worry, I'll be posting here as soon as I can reveal anything.

To celebrate the occasion, I released a huge update for Skippy. 

  • Double the amount of levels (20)
  • New water physics mechanics
  • Episode and level select menus
  • Record and collection tracking
  • Flatpak release for Linux / Steam Deck users
  • Many Quality of Life features

This little game got quite some attention, surprisingly. So I've been slowly adding contents to it. Now, 10 short levels might not sound as much, but each one is crafted to feel unique. There's entire gameplay mechanics that are only used once or twice, and levels were polished to make those moments feel good.
I have plans to expand Skippy with at least 2 more episodes, but that's gonna take some time.

In the meantime, enjoy the game, and feel free to share your experience!
Also, if you want to follow me on twitter: @AM2RGame - @DoctorM64

Thank you!


Unknown said…
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netsendjoe said…
Thank you for all that you do Doc, since your passion project AM2R, to your work at Moon Studios, and in your spare time like this one-off. It's great to be able to play these games and to see your work among the communities.

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