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Some screens

Here are the screenshots I promised. Right before the main facility of area 5, Moheeks are pretty deadly underwater. The water effects were redone, the blue tint is a lot less intrusive than before. The upper part of area 5 isn't flooded. So it looks and plays like a traditional area. The caves right before the final area. This is the first normal metroid you encounter in the game. Please bear in mind that things are improving all the time. The metroid sprite is made of smaller moving sprites, and still missing the electricity effect. It looks a lot better in motion. Testing is still going on, now also including the late areas. The two big things that are going to be the final challenges in development are the Omega and Queen metroids, specially their AI and balance.  I'll get back to coding, have a good week!


Right now I'm enjoying my yearly week of summer vacations. Unlike on my daily routine, I'm able to get some rest, and sleep like an actual human being. The downside, is that I have limited internet connectivity where I'm staying. After enjoying the beach with my family, I get some time to spend on the project. And without internet (and cat videos), I was able to finally sit down and learn proper spriting in Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro was very good when the project started, but Photoshop is a completely different beast, and many things are more comfortable once you learn some keyboard shortcuts. I could finish the sprites for the last couple enemies that were pending. They can still be improved, but they are useful for coding the AI and placing them in the game. I'll be returning home in a couple days. By then, I'll post some screenshots of the latest changes. Have a good weekend!