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Names... so many names...

Wow. Almost 250 comments, that´s a record. I appreciate each one of your suggestions, seems like the options listed in the poll pale in comparison to some of the later suggestions. One thing for sure: Second Mission is a terrible idea for a name, I added it just to see if anyone seemed to like it, and a couple of minutes later it was leading the poll. Second Mission wouldn´t fit because of A) The chronology and B) The project tries to be a little darker than Zero Mission, even if it defined the style of the gameplay it´s quite different right now. There are submit button mashers everywhere I guess. So, I thought about the name these days. Mostly what kind of words would the title screen have. Could I use "AM2R" and find some other meaning for the "A"?, Does it HAVE to include the word "Metroid" in the title?, If not, then the phrase "Return of Samus" should be somewhere, maybe? The ammount of comments on the last post reminded me how popular the