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Metroid: Confrontation Update: v2.15

I decided to add proper joystick support (multiple axes/POV) right now, so you can start using it. Besides, I couldn´t borrow a 360 pad, so you´ll have to tell me if it works. Also, updates are taking a little longer, since I´m working on both AM2R and Confrontation, synchronizing the changes of the engine so you can enjoy the latest engine version.

In this update:
- Full joystick support
- Extra aim button (Super Metroid style)
- Missile toggle option (Super Metroid style)
- Redesigned options screen
- Some bugfixes

Your old save files will work on this version, and there aren´t any big changes in the game content. So all your speedrun records are still valid!

DOWNLOAD RapidShare - MediaFire - MegaUpload
Coming up, in the next update:
- Hard mode
- Mod capabilities
- Multiple language support

Have fun!