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Showing signs of life

I´ve been with a lot of work lately. Life is eating my time away, but I manage to find time for the project once in a while. I even drew a tileset while I was recording voice actors for a documentary. I retiled most of the breeding area 3, I had to add more variety to the tileset, it was too repetitive. Changed the tiles of the tunnel connecting area 3 with the main shaft, instead of a recolor of existing brick tiles, I´m using new original tiles. The Gammas were tweaked yet again. Some fights are in very closed spaces, and some gammas were moving too fast. Zeta Metroids are coming out pretty well. Both HyruleSwordsMan and me are working on animating a wireframe sketch of the zetas with all the required actions, before he starts drawing the details. This gives us an idea of how many frames each animation will take, and how many positions need to be drawn for every part.We´re trying to make things look as fluid as possible. For example, the current sketch for the walking animation has 2

Drawing the Zetas

So, Gammas are coming out nicely. Battles are challenging and fair, there´s much more attack variety compared to Alphas. The cool thing is that you´ll see new attacks as you discover more Metroids, so once you encounter a Gamma, you´ll surely experience something new. The customizable moves took some time to code, but it´s really worth it. The slow map screen was redone from scratch. Now the map is drawn using tiles, instead of hundreds of objects. Also, the scanlines effect was removed, it made the background too distracting. And last, but not least, Zeta metroid sprite production has begun. This sprite set will be a lot more challenging. Since this is a bipedal creature, animations will be quite complex. I´m sorry for the lack of updates these days, I´ve been working too much. Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always.