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Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

I have a small Christmas present for you, an update for Confrontation: Metroid: Confrontation v2.2 DOWNLOAD FileFactory - EasyShare - MyFreeFileHosting New in this version: Hard mode, Medals, and a lot of small fixes and updates. Edit: Added Trailer. A lot of the changes were done to the main AM2R project, and applied to Confrontation. Multilanguage support is functional, but I can´t find any small pixel fonts that include special characters (needed for most languages). If you have any experience editing fonts, or have a complete pixel font at hand, let me know. There was some progress on AM2R, mostly bugfixes and optimizations. I´m in the process of rewriting the music playback system with one that manages more than one main song (The one used in Confrontation). The transitions between the main tunnel theme with some atmospheric sounds and the specific area songs need to be smooth, and so far it´s working quite well. Well, I hope you have a good Christmas, and a great

Links Updated

I´m in a bit of a hurry right now, so please excuse such a small blog post. Here´s some updated links of Metroid: Confrontation v2.15 FileFactory - MyFreeFileHosting - EasyShare Sorry for the inconveniences.


So, progress was good these weeks. I resumed work with AM2R, finishing the camera controls the last rooms. I also started revamping the first area, the landing site. Remaking it after all this time made it look and play much better. Once I finish with the new tileset, I´ll put some pics up. Some scripts were updated too, now lava is drawn using a series of background elements, instead of animated sprites. I synchronized Confrontation with this change (AM2R and Confrontation are two separate projects now, to avoid having unnecesary resources in both projects), so those who experienced slowdowns in big lava rooms, specially the Crocomire and Kraid fights, will have a better framerate. Right now I´m adding Achievements to the game. The easy part is to make a nice menu to display your unlocked "Medals", the most complicated part is having the game to recognize when you meet the criteria for each one. Most Medals are common to AM2R and Confrontation, so expect to see this fea