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Samus has a GPS

These weeks I managed to make quite a lot of progress. I´m checking all the rooms of the game, focusing on one aspect at a time, to make the tiresome tasks more fluid. Now the entire game has correct map coordinates data, the rooms position the map cursor correctly. The entire map was tweaked here and there, adding some parts of some areas that didn´t appear. Also, I finished connecting the last rooms. I managed to travel the entire "loop" from the spaceship to the Queen´s Lair and back to the surface in about 13 minutes (There´s a lot of rooms missing enemies). One of the things that always bugged me about the engine is that the Speed Booster visual effects make the game lag on some computers, including my laptop. So I replaced the old afterimage effect with a new one that uses only one object. Before this, each shadow behind Samus was a separate object. I´m planning more small optimizations to make the game run a little smoother. Hopefully, updates will begin to get