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Ok, now for real

Before I move on with the real news, I have to thank Sabre230 for the help in this year's April's fools post. He made the awesome 8 bit Adam portrait. Ok... now into the progress this month. I revamped some of the rooms of Area 3, now they have a more interesting enemy placement, and some of them have the Speed Booster contemplated for either secrets or shortcuts. Some small bugs were taken care of, along with some beam rebalancing (yet again). A couple of personal issues left me with no free time. I did manage to advance a bit on some fronts, but I was unable to dedicate AM2R the time it deserves. Hopefully, all will be sorted out in a couple of weeks. Thank you very much for following the project. As soon as I make significant progress, I'll be happy to post it. Have a good week!