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One year already?

I just noticed the project has been public for over a year. I could´ve prepared something, a trailer, screenshots, anything, but it completely slipped my mind...
My girlfriend is right, I suck at remember anniversaries.

Anyway, the progress these days:

- Added the automorph and autoclimb features. Automorph requires to hold down diagonally for 4 frames when near a ground tunnel, then Samus crouches and 4 frames later she morphs. This avoids accidental automorphing. To automatically climb a 1 or 2 block high ledge, touch the wall holding the direction and press Jump. Kinda like pulling up from the grip state. If the ledge leads to a tunnel, Samus automatically morphs after climbing.
This control scheme does not interfere with the classic style, so purists won´t be affected at all.

- Changed jumping mechanics a bit. Morphing while jumping doesn´t reset the vertical speed, unless you´re falling (otherwise the charge-bomb attack becomes useless in air). Also, firing from a spinjump preserves t…

Back to work

These couple of weeks were refreshing, I rediscovered Cave Story (finally got to the Hell stage), I started another run of Soldexus, and played countless hours of Call of Duty 4 (it´s so fun I forgot completely about Unreal Torunament).

Anyway, here are my plans for this summer:
- Work on Area 4
- Do the map screen
- Finish the subscreen
- Redo the transitions and fade system
- Rework Samus´ physics and some moves
- Code Gamma Metroids AI

Area 4 is my primary goal. Since I´m revamping it almost completely, I´ll be able to make interesting layouts instead of the basic design of the original.

The map screen is working, I´ll just make it look good, and accessible from the subscreen.

I came up with an idea about making a better and faster method for the transitions and fade in/outs. Since now I have to link the subscreen with the map screen, I need more flexibility to make transitions look better. I hope I can pull it off.

I might change one or two things about Samus´ moves:
- Change the spiderball c…