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There are times when being forced to change something leads to even more unexpected changes. I had to reinstall windows on my laptop (the main dev space since the studio HDD death). I was enjoying the clean, smooth and lightning fast OS that windows is, right before installing a lot of crap and making it slow again. Once I installed Game Maker 7, I couldn't authenticate it. Looks like Yoyogames is using a different license provider, but for some reason the registration system showed an "License already in use" error. This looks like a good excuse to do an upgrade... So, for the last week the game has finally been migrated to Game Maker 8.1. The code editor is much better, the collision masks are much more flexible, and it runs quite faster. Unfortunately, that came with a cost. For some reason, BGM (the bass.dll wrapper that I use for music) doesn't seem to work well. Most of the music engine was redone, it now features abstracted scripts that can support any ex