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Alphas... they're so fast and dangerous. The ones you get to fight in the demo gave a nice idea of how dangerous these enemies are going to be throughout the game. But, as time later showed, the learning curve for their behavior was a little steep for the non-Metroid expert. Right now I'm in the middle of a huge refactoring and rebalancing of every Metroid fight. Since each Metroid has customized variables (to determine how it will behave), I had to change each and every object's creation event, having to locate each room with a Metroid and tweak the code in the room editor. Now Metroids get their behavior via script, only providing their ID. This way I can visually change the way the agressiveness scales as the player advances in the game. Also, customizing behaviors for different difficulty levels is much easier now. Besides that, I also added more movement variety into the Alphas and Gammas. Now they don't chase you all the time, they give you a little rest, an