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Data loss... for now

Before you freak out with the title let me tell you this: AM2R IS SAFE, I keep weekly backups of the main project folder in different media types. A couple of weeks ago one of my SATA drives stopped working. It was the main project drive in my studio PC, so all of my current audio projects can´t be read anymore. As I usually backup audio projects as soon as they´re finished, I have some very angry customers who lost their on-production album. Also, one of those projects was the AM2R soundtrack. While I have some test mixes in my laptop, most of the music engine work was done using placeholders (the original Metroid 2 soundtrack). I was already tired of hearing the songs during production, hearing them all the time in-game during testing would be even more tiresome.  Now, I did some testing on a friend´s house. We tried replacing the drive´s controller board, using parts from the same drive model. The motor starts, there is drive activity, but it´s not recognized by the bios (or W

Progress, and a Metroid Marathon

Before I start with the progess of these weeks, I want to tell you about a special event. The guys at Metroid Headquarters are celebrating their 7th anniversary, and they´ll be doing a 101 hour Metroid Marathon, streaming live playthroughs of all the Metroid games on their hardest difficulty, with 100% items and scans. These awesome guys will be collaborating with Child´s Play , the famous and respectable charity. The marathon will start on Monday, July 11th at 8pm CST. For those who will watch it, I´ll be ocassionally on the chat room (I´ll try to tune in the entire Metroid 2 part). Regarding AM2R, there was some progress. Mostly playtesting and balancing issues with many enemies. Some Alpha Metroid fights were tweaked, mostly the first ones. Fighting Alphas with a limited supply of missiles and only 1 energy tank can get pretty hectic. A new save station was added near the bottom part of the first area, for those who want to retreat from any of the Alphas there and restock. W