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New control options

One of the most popular requests regarding control options is a dedicated Morph/Un-Morph button. I found myself having trouble double tapping down when I tested analog sticks, and since I already added Prime-Style control options (Spiderball), it was a matter of time until the Morph button was implemented. The button is configured at the options screen, and it coexists with the classic double tap morphing. There is now an option to disable the classic Morphball activation, so people who use analog controls won't un-morph by accident. That single button introduced a pretty significant amount of bugs... well, it exposed some of the older code that worked around even older issues. After many test builds the engine is stable and more flexible than ever. There are other control features being worked on, those will be announced as soon as they are stable, polished, and confirmed to be in the engine. Regarding the progress report, some people asked me about the "Steam Communit