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Just one cart! (April's fools)

I've fixed the elevator bug, Samus could get stuck if she went back to the room with the Ice Beam. GFX compression was optimized, now the game will fit a single NES cartridge, instead of the old design that required cartridge swapping. It only takes a small 4 minute boot-up decrunching sequence, pretty fast for this ammount of data. Apparently, the custom mapper works like a charm. Now, since there's been many questions lately, I decided to group the most frequent, and answer all of them here. AMOMR FAQ - What's Project AMOMR? Project Another Metroid Other M Remake is a project that aims to bring the Metroid masterpiece that is Other M to the NES. It's being coded from the ground up in assembler and debugged via emulation. The final release will be as a standard NES Rom, along with a limited edition of gold-painted cartridges. - Why the NES? Well, Other M is a masterpiece, as I mentioned, and one of the awesomest things it does well is to have a very com