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El último Metroid está en cautiverio....

AM2R is currently split into multiple projects. Besides the main game, there are features that are being developed in reduced versions of the engine, for faster compiling. One of those had a lot of steady progress lately, and it's very close to be fully implemented in the game: Localization support . Translating Confrontation to multiple languages was quite a challenge, and the results were mostly good. But one of the things I considered this time was Unicode support. Now, if I manage to implement a good enough pixel font, there will be support for extended characters, and even more languages can be supported by the game. The font I'm using now is slightly bigger than the old one, this also makes reading the logs a bit easier on the eyes. The text in the game is still changing every once in a while, so translation efforts will be considered after the game is done. The game will be available in both English and Spanish upon launch. As for the main project, I coul