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Progress for real now

Ok, now that April's fools is over, here's this month's progress: THE LOGBOOK It was redone from scratch. It's now a big list, instead of being separated by categories. It's still ordered and labeled, and reading logs is a lot more intuitive. Just 1 button to display the (sometimes scrolling) text, that's it. The log pictures are bigger, and each entry can feature multiple images, as the text updates. Some of the cooler ones (Metroids and Minibosses) might end up featuring original concept art in these images. It's a minor detail overall, but it improves the way the story is presented, for those who take the time to read it. ZETAS AND OMEGAS Zetas are being balanced for normal mode now (they were extremely frustrating, but some features will be kept for Hard mode), and some frames of animation are being added to some of their attacks (well, to some of their bodyparts). They still need more testing, since there are still some very convoluted

AM2R Goes 3D!

Before you freak out, no, I'm not starting a 3D remake of Metroid 2 from scratch using the Unreal engine or something.  It all started when I saw some awesome videos of the Occulus Rift. The awesome results that can be achieved with today's hardware really got me thinking: 3D is the future. AM2R is bringing you quality entertainment, done like it was done in the 90's, with pretty pixels. If I want to bring the game into the future, it will have to be the way 3D was done in the 90's: Anaglyph 3D ! This is the best solution, since it can be enjoyed by everyone, without having to buy expensive hardware.  So, in order to achieve the amazing depth, I had to change the way objects, backgrounds and tiles are drawn. They all draw 2 times, with different color blending, in additive mode. This means the game will run pretty slow on older computers, due to all the depth calculations and drawing tricks, but it's worth it.  Also, like Batman used to say: