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Happy 35th Birthday Samus!

Today is Metroid's 35th Anniversary! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMUS! It also happens to be the 5th anniversary of AM2R being released. To celebrate, let me share a (non copyright infringing) story in this universe with you: PLAY IT HERE AM2R is 5 years old as of right now. Seeing people recommend AM2R as a way to experience Metroid 2 in anticipation for Dread is really humbling. I'm very grateful for all of this.  The legal situation hasn't changed, I'm not developing, updating or distributing the game. Nevertheless, the community has managed to add new content via patches, mods have been developed, and the speedrun community is still very active. The game is still alive and relevant. What happened during these last 5 years? Well... AM2R received a DMCA takedown notice, development and distribution ceased AM2R was nominated for Fan Game of the Year at the Game Awards, for a couple hours AM2R was featured at Pixel Museum in France Awesome youtubers that I admire played the game

Almost 5 Years later...

A new story...