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Happy Holidays!

Another year, and a whole lot of changes happened in that time. AM2R advanced, not as much as planned but the great feedback you people sent me about the demo was very useful (Yes, the first Metroid will be easier). Work is now centered on the main menu, and adding the 3 save slots with their respective options. It´s already designed, but the stats of each save slot aren't working yet. A lot has changed in my personal life too. Besides the huge pride of being a father, I recently got a solid job offer to address our money issues. I´ll be programming ASP websites in C# for a consultant, and keeping the studio working. Of course, AM2R will always be my top free time project. Anyway. I want to thank all the great people who shows their support, who take their time to leave comments, write emails and participate in the forum. To all the people who contributed to the project: Spriters, mod makers, translators, beta testers, and you, for playing the demo. I wish you Happy Holiday

December progress

So... new priorities, new responsibilities, new ways to find time and motivation for the project. Among the progress of this last month there were 2 things that I can show you without spoilers: The new map system and the new subscreen.   Samus looks gorgeous and detailed thanks to very talented people from the forums.   For those who like to know where items are, now the map shows their location. It´ll be optional. The subscreen now displays a more detailed Samus picture. If you select any of the upgrades located in the lower half, the image scrolls down to show its location. The map system was expanded a lot. Now it has some more variety on room shapes, you can place a marker manually and have the direction shown in the HUD minimap. Also, items and discovered Metroids are displayed too. The items display (Zero Mission style) will be optional, I´m still not sure if I should make it a game option or dedicate map rooms for those coordinates in each area. The