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I was able to work on AM2R quite a lot these days. The most interesting addition to the already complex game was a cutscene system. Before, all the small puzzles had their results in real time. So, in order for the player to see the outcome of his/her action, the entire puzzle had to be constrained to a single screen (sometimes a little bigger). Now, when an important event is happening, it takes control of the camera and shows the event properly. Cutscenes done so far are very short right now, and can help make bigger puzzles (don´t worry, the level design doesn´t depend entirely on them). Many small tweaks and improvements were done in a lot of rooms. New level tools were done to provide Metroids proper ways to avoid cramped areas, helping them follow Samus more effectively. There were small places where you could hide and rethink your approach, but now Metroids give a fierce chase. You can´t hide anymore!  The rest of the progress was mostly changing some naming conventions o

Back on track

Fortunately, things are going back to normal. I´m starting to have some free time to invest in the project. Most of these weeks work was spent on tweaking and tuning the level design of areas 1, 2 and 3. Many small bugs in some scripted events were fixed, and some elements that were done years ago were redone. Besides being a tech demo and a great chance to find bugs in the engine, Confrontation has set the standard of level and background detail that AM2R aims for. There are many places that still look too simplistic (mostly the caves connecting the different areas) that need work. Also, some new tilesets were done to replace some old, outdated tiles. Speaking of Confrontation, the super secret room was found by Hemse. Head to the forums , for instructions on how to get there. The secret prize... AM2R will feature a secret "Hemse Mode" with new gameplay twists. Congratulations! Thank you for following the project, and like always, comments and suggestions are welcome.