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Slowly getting back up

I don't usually talk about my personal life, but when I do, I only mention events that affect the development times of AM2R. This has been the case lately. I wasn't able to renovate the rent contract of my studio, so I had to close it down. For the last 2 months I've been tearing apart the place I spent almost a year of work building. All of my equipment is at a warehouse, including my studio PC. Things can get pretty chaotic in this economy, you never know when the rent can raise all of the sudden, and this can be really harmful if you're caught off guard. Pink looks more Super Metroid-ish than lavender Anyway, progress was pretty scarce these days. Some small details were tweaked, including the color of the Wave Beam. I added many debugging tools to make the weapon/enemy balance much faster, and I managed to fix a couple of bugs involving sand blocks. Development will be a little slow for a couple of more weeks, the only part that will be completely halted fo