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... No Progress :-(

Ah... those weeks that fly by like one long, long day. There's been a lot of those lately. Even if I had a couple of nice ideas for April's fools, I couldn't sit down and actually produce something cooler than the last two.  Anyway... About the project... When I saw the terrible news about Sonic 2 HD , I couldn't stop thinking: "Damn! That project was awesome... I wish I get to finish mine while I still have free time".  This whole month I wasn't able to get the time, and in some cases the motivation, to even open Game Maker. That happened a lot before, it happens to all of us at certain points of our own creations. But this time I asked myself: "What if this happens all the time from now on?, What if the project dies, and I finally deny other game designers a chance to finish it?, Why am I thinking these questions in English instead of Spanish?". Right now I'm positive I can finish the game. But, as life showed me a couple