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Here's an album I compiled, with music that ended up in AM2R, and some tracks that didn't make it into the game. I remastered every track, and some songs sound a lot better with minor changes. These tracks were going to be a part of the 1.2 update, but now you can enjoy them. SoundCloud MP3 - MediaFire  - Mega FLAC - MediaFire - Mega Also, it includes a bonus track from Falcool, the awesome composer who did the Area 5 songs. Thank you very much for following this project.

No future for AM2R

Nintendo of America, Inc. has filed a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). I received the request on my personal email, so I'm complying with their requests. There will be no more AM2R updates, and no more releases under any platform.  Thank you for the support during all these years.