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El último Metroid está en cautiverio...

Multilanguage support is almost here. I was able to find good, complete pixel fonts. I replaced them, and had to adjust almost every place in the game with on-screen text, since the y coordinate was off. Now all the text is read from an .ini file, selectable in the options screen. I still have to convert some small snippets of text that are drawn as bitmaps (like "press start to skip", etc.) into actual text. Once the system is fully working, I´ll paste it into Confrontation, and make the .ini file available at the forum, in case you want to translate the demo into your language. After that, mod support comes next. Instead of making all the resource files available in folders like last time, I´m planning a mod section in the options menu, to select the available mods without having to mess with overwriting files. Anyway. The remade first area of the AM2R is starting to look great. There´s a couple of details I need to fix with some tilesets, and I still need to make a n