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Bug hunt season

Every once in a while, I stop making new contents to actually correct all the issues present with the current game state. Every time I add a new mechanic, scripted event, boss battle, etc, new bugs appear. Also, in between versions of Game Maker, there are sometimes changes on how things work internally, specially in how strict variable initialization is in some scenarios. The last couple of weeks have been almost exclusively bug fixes, optimizations and balance. It's not the most exciting phase to write about, but it's very necessary. There were also a couple of playtest sessions, and now Zeta Metroids feel just right. They ended up taking more effort and tweaking than most of the bosses in AM2R (Maybe except Torizo). Up next will be a music production session, something that's lagging behind, production wise. Hopefully, I'll be able to show you something on the next update. Not the most exciting update, I know. But the game grows more stable and polished, a li