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These weeks I dedicated all my time to my family. Last Friday, my first daughter was born. She´s beautiful, healthy, and incredibly cute. Both my girlfriend and I are living the happiest moment in our lives, and we´re enjoying every moment of it. Nine months ago all of my priorities changed a lot. Including how much time I can dedicate to AM2R. The project hasn´t advanced as much as I wanted, but right now it´s not my biggest priority, compared to other moments in my life. Other people in my situation would just dump the project, and move on. I just moved it aside a little bit, and slowly make progress. Luckily, I was able to complete the contents of the first demo in time for you to enjoy at the NCFC. Oh, I want to express my gratitude to the great people who showed their support at the NCFC, thanks to you AM2R was awarded the Best of Show award. So, no AM2R progress on this post... Next time there will be, I promise.