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AM2R has workarounds everywhere. When I get stuck with a problem, there's times when the best way to solve it is to avoid the situation altogether. This happened with subtractive blend modes. Whenever I used them, the transitions to the map screen broke, and artifacts appeared on the screen. Every once in a while I start to experiment, and I did find a way to solve that problem... a workaround within a workaround. But what do you want subtractive blend modes? - you might ask. Among other things, it can be used to create a real, multi-source lighting engine.  The one in confrontation just supports the light emitted by Samus. In a couple of minutes I was able to do some surface magic and come up with a pretty fast lighting engine. With this new tool, I can make some of the existing areas more atmospheric, and change the way certain places are designed. For example, the lower part of Area 3 was going to be just a vertical shaped breeding grounds area, with a different