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Introducing the official spriter

First of all, thanks to all the people who sent their work. The criteria I used to choose among all the very talented people is how good they captured the style, and made sprites that would fit perfectly into the game. So, the official spriter of the AM2R project is: Hyrule_SwordsMan You´ll find some of his previous work in his Blog Here are some new versions of enemies you´ve already seen: The new yumbo The first Tsumuris you find Moheeks in the first tunnel Gunzoo in a test room HSM is now focusing on the enemy sprites, while I code the AI. I also took some time to balance out the stacked beam system, it was too overpowered. After all the enemies are done, the Metroids come next... and that´s where the fun begins.

Project Resumes... and GFX stuff

Well, I managed to reassemble a simplified recording studio. I won´t be able to do multitrack projects for a while, but at least I´m still working. So, I´m starting to put some time on the project again. Now, if you are skilled with graphics and spriting, I might be needing your help. Here are the enemy sprites I drew: Feel free to criticize my drawing style. Anyway, if you want to be the project´s official spriter, just pick any of these enemies, shade or redraw it to fit the zero mission / super metroid style. There´s no color limitations, but it should look like 16 bit age enemies. You can contact me via mail or MSN messenger at this address: . So, sharpen your photoshop pencils and good luck! Latest dev shot: The entrance to the second ruins (that will be a bridge someday)