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Not focused lately

These last weeks were slow. I had a couple of work issues that kept me occupied and unable to work on AM2R, and whenever I got the time to open up Game Maker, I was blocked. In the meantime, HyruleSwordsMan finally got some spare time to start with the Omega Metroid sprites. Hopefully, he´ll find more free time between work and study. AM2R is now affiliated with Metroid: Coven , an awesome looking top-down fangame. I suggest you check it out. And this blog´s RSS feed is also available at RetroInvaders , a great site with retro gaming news, it´s one of my new favourites. Things will be better for me these days, I´ll be spending time with the project right after my birthday party (It´s tomorrow). Have a good week!

"New" Enemies

The new area is still too easy. Even if almost half of the area is travelled underwater and without the Gravity Suit at first, there´s two abilities on my way to make a challenging area: Space Jump and Screw Attack. Sure, there´s spikes and other hazards now, but they´re quite easy to avoid having Space Jump, and underwater it´s even easier, it´s on slow motion!. Screw Attack makes the enemies virtually dissapear from the gameplay. Having trouble with an enemy that takes too many missiles to kill? Press jump. So, I made alternate versions of some of the robotic enemies to make things more interesting. I´m not falling into the predictable "ScrewAttack resistant shields", but I´m making the enemy AI more "Projectile happy". If Samus wants to get close to these enemies, she´ll have to dodge some shots, and having multiple enemies on screen can be fun. Right now these pallette swapped enemies are cheap and unbalanced, especially when trying to dodge their shots underwat