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The Return of Samus

After many years, I finally invested again in portable gaming. I bought a new 3DS XL, just in time to play Samus Returns. I don't have any means to record 3DS footage, so I took notes instead. Every time something interesting happened, I paused the game and wrote down my thoughts. This might look a bit random and unpolished, but they're pretty much my honest reactions to key moments in the game. I'll let you know my overall impressions later in this post. SPOILER WARNING!!!!! Ok, this is my first 3DS game, let's see what all the fuzz is about... Holy shit, the cockpit of Samus's ship looks amazing in 3D.  Alright... This is starting to hurt... Maybe using the 3D slider on 50% will work better. Ah, seeing the intro artwork in 3D makes a lot more sense than what I saw on trailers. Specially the one with the pirates stealing the Metroid. Wow. SR388 looks awesome in 3D. Oh. The effect looks fuzzy when the camera scrolls too fast, I'm having Avatar fl