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Progress on Area 3

Area 3 is almost done. The upper part turned out to be like an industrial complex, with a small mining facility on the east side of the building. There are still some backgrounds to make for these parts, but the area is done and playable. So, next is the breeding enviroment of Area 3. I´m preparing the "plant pipes" tileset of that area. Making balanced Metroid encounters on vertical shafts will be fun, but complicated. After I finish Area 3, only the fourth area, the Omegas nest and the Queen´s lair will be left (and all the caves that connect those areas). The most complicated areas are practically done, since Area 4 is a relatively small tower, the final area is really simple and the Omegas nest will use a small modification of the bubble tileset from Zero Mission (The one in Ridley´s room in the tech demo). I do have to add some variety to the backgrounds, and plan how big the new area will be, but the progress so far is very promising. If everything goes well, after I fi