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April´s fools and progress report

I hope you found the small demo fun enough to forget the hate and frustration of seeing Mario instead of Samus. I tried to make it less obvious compared to last year, I was actually going to release it on April´s fools of 2009, but I couldn´t finish it in time. Once I get a little closer to completion, I might release an actual, real demo of the first area, so I can have some feedback while finishing the game. Here´s the progress report I promised: Game Engine Physics, states, behaviours - 100% Abilities - 100% Powerup System - 100% Weapons - 99% (some balance and testing still needed) Enemies - 90% Map System - 100% (might expand it later) HUD - 100% Sound FX - 70% Music - 60% Level Design Area0 - 100% Area1 - 90% (some revamping underway) Area2 - 97% (some scripts need to be revised) Area3 - 95% (miniboss AI not done yet) Area4 - 95% (miniboss and some scripting left) Area5 - 98% (some testing needed) Area6 - 100% Area7 - 100% Metroids Alpha - 98% (some twea