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I was able to, after quite some time, go on vacations. Being able to relax at the beach with my family is something I really missed. Anyway, back to the project. One of the features of the game that still needs improvement is the logbook. Besides this topic being a suggestion from several of you, I saw several playthoughs where the player was confused about the scrolling, taking a couple of moments to understand how it works. Something like this must be intuitive, the focus must be on what the new log is about and its discovery, not on how to make it work. It's a minor thing, but I'll be restructuring the log screen within these days. Progress wasn't that much this month, but development and testing will be back to their usual pace. In the meantime, tell me, is there any other aspect of the overall game you think needs improvement? Feel free to comment here (even if I don't respond that often I do read all the messages), or at the Forums .