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Music and the Intro

Most of the work these days was spent on the soundtrack. You might remember a couple of posts ago that I lost the data of one of my hard drives. Well, fortunately, most of my sample libraries and custom sound banks were in the other drive. All I have to do is redo the songs using the sounds I already experimented on and chose. Starting from scratch was tough at first, but remaking something that was good before made it even better, taking a fraction of the original production time. Also, having heard Harmony of a Hunter many times opened my head with ideas of how diverse the Metroid songs could get. You´ll be able to hear a preview pretty soon. In the meantime, I´d like to ask for your help. I´m working on the intro sequence, and my English is quite limited. So, if you have ideas for a short introduction text, I´d love to hear them. Simply head over to THIS THREAD on the forums, follow the guidelines, and write your suggestion. Thanks! PS: Comment moderation has been re-ena