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Happy Birthday Metroid!

Metroid just turned 25 yesterday! It´s amazing how gaming was changed after the release of the original Metroid, 25 years ago. Platforming exploration was born, and Samus was the first strong heroine of gaming history. To celebrate the occasion, the great people of produced an awesome tribute album with songs of the entire Metroid saga. Darren, the project director, was kind enough to let me participate with one track. There´s a lot of variety of styles, and some neat surprises. If you haven´t downloaded it yet, get it here: Harmony of a Hunter I participated with "Danger in old Tourian", my own version of the Space Pirates song in Super Metroid. Instead of making epic orchestrated arrangements, I decided to go for the atmosphere, and try to recreate what my feelings were when I first heard the song. The rest of the album is simply impressive, it shows how professional and dedicated the Metroid fan community is. Thanks to all the people who contact