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Some progress

The last few posts weren´t so exciting regarding progress, because most of it didn´t involve features that were easily shown on images. Since now I´m working on more "graphically showable" stuff, I can share a few WIP pics with you: A maintenance passage. There will be some exciting action going on here. Testing the new color palette for the cave parts of Area 5, and a preliminary fog effect. Part of a flooded cave, outside the main part of Area 5. Most of my work was spent on the new water physics. I tried to fight an Alpha Metroid underwater, and even with HiJump and SpaceJump, it´s really frustrating. Just play Metroid: Confrontation, and try moving around under the lava, then imagine exploring half a sector of the game like that. So, instead of using direct speed multipliers for underwater, I had to make a separate set of speeds for all the states. This way, I could make the physics more like Super Metroid (it takes some time to build some speed, but you ke

The Forum, Finally

Ok, the comments of each post are getting a little uncomfortable to discuss ideas. So, here´s the official AM2R forum: Feel free to discuss anything there. I´m not going to stop posting here, you´ll be able to follow AM2R´s progress from this blog as always. Speaking of progress, I now have some free studio time to continue with the soundtrack production. Right now I´m making a variation of the Alpha Metroid fight song for the Gamma encounters. The idea is to make a different version for each evolution. After some playtesting, I found out that even with all the Metroid fights, hidden items and Minibosses, the game is quite short compared to other Metroid games. I was able to clear the first 4 areas in about 1 hour (without exploring too much), I even had to "simulate" the time some Metroid fights take, since not all of them are in the map yet. So, since I´m making an entire new area to accomodate the new items, I could add some Metroid fights, so