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Zetas are alive! (almost)

Hyruleswordsman finally found some time between exams to work on the Zeta Metroid sprites. After many revisions, the standing sprite is done. Like in many other aspects of the project, I started animating the sprite, thinking it wouldn´t be as difficult as it seemed. I was SO wrong. I´m kinda getting the hang of it, and there´s still a lot to animate. The ingame object uses a wireframe sketch right now, it gives a better idea on how the sprite will behave with the environment. It´ll take a lot of work, but it will be worth it. I finished tiling the tower part of area 4, next up are the spiky caves. Those will be done really fast, I just need a "skpiky" tileset. I guess I´ll have to draw it... Thanks for the achievements suggestions by the way. Don´t worry, they will be more challenge based than anything else. I´m not that much of a fan of the "You fired a Missile!!!" kind of achievements, instead they could be like the skill points of the Ratchet and Clank series, f

Redoing it... again

So, I´m fully recovered, and back to dedicating all my free time to the project. Thanks for your support in the comments! The french FAQ was updated with some questions that were missimg from the original FAQ. Thanks to Victor Coutellier for the additional translation. I edited a Metroid Fusion tileset, to use it in some places of the lower part of Area 4. It turned out so well, that I decided to use variations of it in the entire tower. So, I´m retiling the entire tower again. Believe me, it´s worth the effort. I also changed the backgrounds. I replaced the Castlevania SOTN outer wall backgound with a 5 level parallax scrolling background. It looks better and fits the "techy" theme of the tower. There were many gameplay tweaks as well. For example, I´m planning on making an enemy I was going to discard: the Proboscum. Those little platform robots that let you fall after a second were not going to be on the game. Since by this time you already have space jump, it was pointles