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First of all, I want to appologise for my absence these weeks. I had to take care of some personal matters, leaving me almost no free time or energy to work on the project. Progress these weeks was almost non-existant, except for some scarce work on the sountrack. Things should become normal again soon, and blog posts will actually show some progress. In the meantime, I re-uploaded Confrontation 2.5, since almost all the mirrors were deleted. I repackaged it to include 2 more translations (Hungarian and Norwegian) and 2 mods (Zero suit and 8-Bit GameBoy). Thanks to all the great people that make Confrontation a better game. Metroid: Confrontation v2.5 MediaFire - FileFactory - EasyShare Download Mirror 1 - Thanks Matt! Download Mirror 2 - Thanks Steven! Still not convinced to give Confrontation another go? There´s a small super secret room that nobody found yet. So if you thought you knew every inch of the game already, there´s some hardcore exploration still to be do