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Happy Holidays!... and new Demo!

First of all, you can find the new demo in THIS PAGE . Go on, leave it downloading while you read the rest of the post. So, I was planning to do an early release of this new demo. Like always, there were complications and delays here and there, and what used to set me back a day or two now takes me a week worth of free time. It's hard, but possible. I have to thank all the great people that helped out this time. Awesome artists that expanded the existing graphic style of the game, great writers who provided both the intro and log texts in great English, patient and thorough testers who found each small detail to be polished into the solid game that AM2R is now. Ok, I guess I'll be adding more mirrors and adding some screenshots and a trailer after Christmas. Until then, enjoy the demo, and have a wonderful Holiday celebration with the people you love. Happy Holidays! Edit:  I managed to replicate and fix these 3 annoying bugs that made it into the release: - Start b