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A little sick...

Before you freak out, I do NOT have swine flu. There´s a medical emergency here, with a lot of people dying every week. I´m taking all the needed precautions with my customers and myself, and luckily my life rarely involves being in crowded places. I do have a regular flu, this makes it harder to do simple tasks, like tiling rooms. After a tough week I´m feeling better now, so things will move much faster. So, about the misterious lower part of area 4... I already did the basic rooms, there´s a lot of tiling left, and it still doesn´t have any scripted parts. What I can tell you about it without spoiling too much: It´s not too small, there´s an item to be collected, there might be a miniboss waiting for you, it´s completely optional (so, no Metroids down there). I read many of the ideas you people posted on the last blog post, there were some really cool ones, but I had to come up with something within the reach of my skills and my free time (I don´t want to spend too much time on a si

Done, but too small

All the rooms of area 4 are done, they still need some tiles, and the outside of the tower is still made of dull square blocks, but it´s playable. After the first test I noticed how small and simple this area is, compared to eralier ones. I did add some scripted surprises inside the tower, and even if it´s bigger than the original, it´s not enough. So, I was thinking on adding some extra rooms below the tower, so what we really visited in Metroid 2 was the upper part of a bigger structure, buried inside the cave. The Chozo are one of the most mystical and advanced civilizations of the universe, and they decide to make a tower in the deep underground of a dangerous planet... they must have a GOOD reason to be so unpractical. Anyway, another problem I found is the main cave room. In this case, rooms are parts of a level that are separated with transitions, it could be a single screen, or a huge cave. The bigger the room, the slower the game gets. When I tried the game on a slower PC, th

Informação em português

Perguntas Frequentes -O que é AM2R? É um projecto para refazer o segundo jogo da saga clássica “Metroid”. Metroid 2: Return of Samus, criado pela companhia Nintendo há mais de uma década para o Game Boy clássico, importante para a historia de Metroid, marcando momentos da saga antes e depois do jogo. AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake, Outro remake de Metroid 2) expande o conceito original para incluir gráficos actualizados, novas áreas de jogo e jogabilidade moderna. -Em que linguagem é programada o jogo? Eu uso o “Game Maker 7”. Podem fazer uma visita a O nome oficial vai ser AM2R? Não, é um nome preliminar. Quando o jogo estiver terminado, vou baptiza-lo com outro nome. -Em que plataforma vai sair? Vou poder jogar na minha DS/GBA/PSP? Neste momento apenas para plataforma Windows. Se o Mac OS receber uma versão do Game Maker, é possível que se faça um “port” para Mac. Não há planos para versões de consolas. Quando é que vais acabar o jogo? Eu quero jogá-lo!!! Eu