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Soundtrack 1.41 Update!

Finally, the soundtrack received its official update. Now you can listen to the new, improved songs in either lossless or high bitrate mp3s. Also, the soundtrack now features an awesome album cover, made by the talented Zim K . She'll be contributing with custom made promo art for the project. DOWNLOAD HERE

Demo 1.41 update!

This time, it's a couple of small fixes, and some improvements to the soundtrack. GET IT HERE NEW IN 1.41 - Added new song for Zeta fights - Made some adjustments to Alpha, Gamma, Area4A, Area4B songs - Fixed the Tester exploit - Changed the layout of one of the Zeta rooms, harder to exploit now - Fixed Motos getting stuck in the jumping state The updated soundtrack will be available by this weekend / early next week. Have fun!

Demo 1.4 Linux build

Just a quick heads up, I uploaded the Linux version of AM2R Demo 1.4. You'll find the updated links in the Demo 1.4 Download page . Please share your experiences in THIS  forum topic, if you have any trouble with this build. Thank you very much for all the positive comments and suggestions. It's really comforting to see all the work that was put into an area to be enjoyed by people. During the course of this week I'll be updating the soundtrack as well, so stay tuned. Have a good week!

AM2R Demo 1.4 Released!

After a lot of work (more than I anticipated), here's a nice little update. DOWNLOAD HERE WHAT'S NEW: Acess to a new area New mechanic: Shinespark with variable height. Tap/Hold Jump while charged New control option: Analog walking with joypads is now optional New save format, it can be copied to other computers without issues Plenty of bug fixes and other improvements Compared to Area 3, Area 4 will feel a bit smaller in scale. It does, however, have some cool moments. It was quite a challenge, every mechanic introduced had its fair share of bugs and issues. But here we are, one big step closer to finish the game. Also, this weekend will be special. The great people at the Speed Demos Archives will be hosting another Metroid Speedrun Marathon. The awesome Dragondarch will be doing a Normal 100% run of the 1.4 demo this Saturday at 13:45 EDT. I'll do my best to attend, at least on the chat room. EVENT SCHEDULE - Will be broadcast at twitch.