Demo 1.4 Linux build

Just a quick heads up, I uploaded the Linux version of AM2R Demo 1.4.
You'll find the updated links in the Demo 1.4 Download page.
Please share your experiences in THIS forum topic, if you have any trouble with this build.

Thank you very much for all the positive comments and suggestions. It's really comforting to see all the work that was put into an area to be enjoyed by people.

During the course of this week I'll be updating the soundtrack as well, so stay tuned.
Have a good week!


Anonymous said…
kthxbye :3
Anonymous said…
Woo! Thank you so much for catering to us Linux users. :) This is wonderful work so far, I took some game maker classes not long ago. The hard work you have been putting into the game is phenomenal.
Unknown said…

You've done an amazing job with this game. I've been following your progress and playing the demo's for the last couple of years, and you keep making the game better with each update. Thank you so much!

I did encounter one bug with this last update. When I began a Hard Mode file after completing 1.4 on normal, the game loaded with no bkgrd music. I tried deleting the file and making a new one, still no music. This didn't happen at all when I played through normal mode.

Thanks again for your hard work!
Unknown said…
i love the game so much i hope the game comes out in December or at least on new years cause i wanna see the full tension of the omega Metroids and and even the queen metroid i hope the creation goes well plus i really want to get into this as well. so keep the updates coming and i really do want to see area 5.
The7thGuest said…
So Cool, so real !
Thank you !
Anonymous said…
I was wondering if can you not change the music on research lab and forlorn descent. Also I really like the way plasma beam and when all the beams together sound like.
Anonymous said…
This keeps getting better and better! I love the soundtrack and the detail is phenomenal. I'm so glad this awesome game keeps rolling, I even did some youtube vids on it recently.
Unknown said…
Since technology has now developed GameCube Controller adapters for PCs, could you possibly make it compatible? If its already compatible, it would be nice to know. I love the feel of a GameCube controller in my hands and while I haven't gotten the adapter yet, I'd like to figure out my controller preferences.
Anonymous said…
Hey, Doc! Just my opinion right after analizing the game's development this far. Suddenly, I realized that every single Area in planet SR-388 has its own environment and weather. And this was even noticed from the original game and later on Metroid Fusion. And here's my point: There's one last missing environment in this new version of the planet. What?

Analize it from both the Original Return of Samus and Fusion: Main tunnel is assembled with Sector 1 SRX; then, the water pump station is Sector 4 AQA; we have the Breeding grounds, resembled in Sector 2 TRO; we have even the Tower, where you gave that Norfair feeling, we can remember then Sector 3 PYR. By this far, the las obvious sector, is represented by the Omega Tunnels, represented in Fusion as Sector 6 NOC.

So then, where's Sector 5? We have two possible choices: The new area you (Doc) are working in, or even that longway tunnels right after the Omega Tunnels, right before the Queen's lair... Unfortunately, I can't just vote for any of those choices, as I think you're already done with the new area in terms of ideas and content; by the other side, the penultimate area is not recomended by obvious reasons: it is TOO CLOSE to the Metroid's nest.

My hope for a completely icy environment is minimal, as there's no much content to add to the game at this point, so don't be stressed by new ideas or some other crazy stuff. As I said at the beginning, it is just MY PERSONAL OPINION.

Keep improving this master piece. Bye.
Vio said…
While not a big problem, my wii u pro controller was not recognized by the game. I just used a key rebinder program.
andy said…
Thousand thanks for this. It is better than I remember from the original game:)
Any chance to build a Raspberry PI executable (for version 2, arm7)?
Anonymous said…
wow! Congratulations to linux-users and thanks to developer! Also, did you planning Mac OS X build?

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