The future of AM2R

As you may know already, AM2R received DMCA notices in all the download hosts, and some parts of this blog. So far, no C&D letter was received. 

This project began a long time ago, while I was actually trying to learn the programming side of Game Maker. Instead of moving on with something else, when I learned a better way of doing something, I reiterated and improved the old code.
Eventually, I learned to program in C#. Now I'm making a living as a professional programmer thanks to what I learned developing a fan game. 
Technically speaking, I'm satisfied.

Artists started offering help. First with the main enemies, then with sprites, enemies, bosses.
The forums started to come alive with fans making feature suggestions, and always being positive and optimistic about the project. I added new contents, trying to be respectful about the established lore. Demo after demo people liked the game. Then the game was out, and for a brief time, players enjoyed the game they were expecting for a long time.
Artistically speaking, I'm satisfied.

What about the future? 
I'll continue improving and fixing AM2R privately.

How will updates will be released, if at all?
I'm still working on it.

My priority now is to fix the invisible gravity suit bug that's hindering many player's experience. If you experience that bug, please visit the forum, and I'll eventually provide a fix.

Please, don't hate Nintendo for all of this. It's their legal obligation to protect their IP.
Instead of sending hate mail, get the original M2 from the eShop. Show them that 2D adventure platformers are still a thing people want. 

You're invited to share your thoughts at the Forum, or follow AM2R on Twitter for the latest updates.

Thank you.


Unknown said…

I drew this in support of your fine contribution.
Vonmalvarius said…
Thank you for this awesome remake. I aldready have Metroid 2 on 3DS.
I really appreciated that a certain area is possible to be missed. I love when developper hide such huge zone!
Blue Madness said…
If you're improving the game anyway, I suggest giving the Queen a more impressive explosion/death animation. As it currently is, the Queen just kinda goes *plop* and is gone. I don't know if you could also make it clearer what you're supposed to do during the fight, as I had to figure it out through trial and error.

That said, those are my only complaints about the game. It is masterfully done, I loved every second of playing it and am immensely glad that I even got to. I wish you good fortune on your future endeavors, both with this game and other ventures.
Janus said…
Its so sad after all these years developing, (me and thousands of people following,) one simple DMCA notice destroys the whole project and all the time you put into this. Thank god there are many many mirrors out there with the work you have done in the past years. I just want to thank you again for making such a beautiful game and putting your efforts into this. I wish you all the best!
Loud said…
Sincerely, the best option for Nintendo now, it's buy AM2R. It's a 10/10 game, it's finished, they don't need waste money for make a Remake for Metroid 2 because AM2R it's the better posible remake can ever exist. I WANT pay for this, and I can't, if they buy AM2R, I will buy that game instantly. They have more options than close AM2R and if they are smart, Nintendo will buy this Master Piece.

Thanks for all, I'm really happy with AM2R and I will replaying a thousand times more.
Anonymous said…
No mate, thank YOU for AM2R. The whole thing is simply amazing, years of hard work can be both seen and felt by anyone who plays it. That's a high quality game.

But I wonder, are you planning to alter the map in the future a bit? Like adding some fast travel tunnels near the Queen to gather everything before the end of the game? Or some kind of counter for NG+ for items?

Once again, thank you very much for the experience m8!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for responding in the middle of all this controversy. So happy to see you are taking this so well. As long as there is at least some way to polish up that 1.0 release (for the bugs some people are finding, guess I'm lucky as none have shown up for me), I feel it's already a perfect game as is. As I see it, you did it! Your game is out there and the fans love it. I don't know if you'll make more games or not, but that's really awesome you now program professionally all because of working on a fan game years ago :)
Nero said…
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Unknown said…
i am happy you are satisfied :D
BucksterMcGee said…
Unless buying Metroid II somehow encourages Nintendo to give a partial license to AM2R, I don't see how it helps this situation. Even if Nintendo suddenly realized the demand for a 2D Metroid game it would be years before they developed one on their own. (Given that one isn't in development already)

Nintendo is obligated to protect their IP from "unauthorized" replications but they can license the material (even just for partial use)and thus "authorize" AM2R.

Given Nintendo's modus operandi lately I doubt they would license it for free, but my one hope is that they realize what an amazing game you have made and if anything it is a service to Nintendo not a liability. So Nintendo could officially authorize AM2R without endangering their IP claim.
Craig said…
Could you alter Samus and the names and it still be ok? What all does this IP claim? I'm just curious, because I work in design myself.
Adrian said…
"Please, don't hate Nintendo for all of this. It's their legal obligation to protect their IP."

If they had taken action in 2008, when you went public with the project, I would agree with you.
If they had taken action the same year, when news about it started to hit gaming media (like Kotaku), I would agree with you.
If they had taken action in 2011, when the first proper demo came out, I would agree with you.

To wait until you've spent almost a decade on it, finishing everything and polishing the edges, indicated absolutely no problem with the work you've done or distributed, and then when v1 emerges to suddenly work to block it? Nah. Nintendo absolutely lose points here as far as I'm concerned.

For what it's worth, you've done a damn incredible job, and I hope you're proud of your accomplishment; you've made something that stands up to the best the series, and I daresay a lot of lifelong Metroid fans (including myself... I picked up an original copy of M2 just a couple of months ago, funnily enough) are extremely grateful to you for creating something that we've been waiting an awful long time for Nintendo to supply; another good classic 2D Metroid.
ViWalls said…
Good news!

I´m happy for read that. Your work it´s amazing and I have to express my gratitude for all the effort you put in the project. Thanks ;)
Paul said…
Have you thought about contacting Nintendo the source code and everything; in exchange for a releasing on the Nintendo E-Shop?

You did a very good job here (better then Nintendo), and if you gave them an opportunity to profit from it why not at least consider taking it?
Tsukiyomaru said…
First, I don't think they needed or should have done that. I mean: there's Super Mario Bros X, Super Mario Bros Crossover, Zelda Classic, so why target this one (and will likely target Mother 4 was well) specifically?

Second, I'd recommend looking into encrypted patching like XDelta to avoid issues.

Third, you really could take this engine, make a full, indie game, release on Steam and see people buy it with joy. I know people would be willing to invest into you.
Unknown said…
I admit, I first was mad at Nintendo for doing what they did, but after giving it some good thought, they do own their IP and have every right to protect it. That said, I'm glad to hear you'll still be working on the game improvements privately, and know that your work is still brilliant to this day, Doc. Thank you again for such a wonderful fan remake of a classic, and never fear, I own the original Metroid II on my 3DS, so I still fully support the official series.

Take care, Doc.
Anonymous said…
True, the original Metroid 2 is not as fun as your remake.
Anonymous said…
I'm amazed that after all these years of public demos and international coverage, only now did it generate enough interest for Nintendo's lawyers to "take interest".
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
We love you Doc. Just wish Nintendo took the Valve approach on this. A collaboration between you two could produce something truly amazing. Honestly you guys working with Nintendo would make an awesome Metroid 5. I really hope they change their stance on this whole thing :/.
RPG Hacker said…
Glad to read that you're not discouraged by this. Stay strong!
FranckKnight said…
Thank you for all of the work! I agree that Nintendo is not to blame, if anything it's Copyright laws and whatever that make it hard for fans do do this kind of thing.

I've played a good portion of this remake over the past few days, and I'm more than satisfied with it myself. This is an excellent game, and I'd love if Nintendo made it an official release. You don't seen to want money from this project, but an agreement could still be reached with Nintendo I'd think so it'd become an official release, a gift that Nintendo could offer out or a budget title, something that would bring recognition to all of the hard work put in this project that has the polish and quality higher than some titles I've seen on consoles.

It really feels like this game was made by fan for fans. It's not overly difficult, yet has a few challenges (like some of those Shinespark required to get a few upgrades). Getting through the game wouldn't be TOO tough, but getting 100% will make you put in some extra work. That's what I expected, and I haven't been disappointed.

I hope the best for this game in the future, no matter what happens with it.
2DDarkKnight said…
Thank you so much for this great game! You are the best!
KensouADV said…
I assume the linux version will be also worked privately, right?
But with the magnet link, the project will live on. Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
You're an awesome man Doc. Hopefully some day the laws will catch up with the times and allow non-profit fan projects like yours and others to receive the mainstream recognition they deserve without being attacked by lawyers. Till then, thank you for this wonderful game, can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Anonymous said…
You're an inspiration in both your words, and your talents. Thank you so much for everything you've done :D
Anonymous said…
"Show them that 2D adventure platformers are still a thing people want." Sadly, they KNOW we want them, but they don't do anything about it. They know we want a new F-Zero game and Mother 3 localized, but they haven't done anything about it either.

Although I do agree that this isn't the time for anger. The fact that this incredible game is finished and out there is cause for happiness! I wish you luck in the future.
Anonymous said…
Like Tsukiyomaru mentioned, release the bug fixes as a simple patch that overwrites the original files. Xdelta UI it the way to go.
Anonymous said…
It actually is not their legal obligation to defend their copyright. You can't forfeit copyright like that, and trademark generification is a separate issue that applies to separate kinds of IP.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the wonderful game, Doc. I had a blast playing through it and I will have fun as I play it many times in the future as well. I hope that after a well deserved rest you find yourself tinkering on a new project. I would love to play any game you make in the future.
Unknown said…
I got M2 because i like metroid and i got am2r because i liked M2 but they give the fans blastball
Unknown said…
nice words... they made me calm down a bit.. :)
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with most of the people here. I highly suggest you get in contact with Nintendo. Mainly because it may not have been Nintendo who took it down. There has been a former employee going around and pretending to be the Big N and issuing strikes against people. Think about it. If Nintendo did not care back in 2008 when you publicly announced the game why stop it when you have just now released it? Something is not adding up. Get in contact with Nintendo and try to work something out. Who knows, it could lead you to a job if things go well.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad that at least AM2R will still be in development. It doesn't deserve to die, not after all the effort you and the team have put into it.
I'm not sure how you'll release the game for different platforms like Linux and Android but hopefully you'll find a way. I'd love to play this on the go.
jorge said…
nintendo cant hurt you because of this you do it right doc and thanks for the game keep going
Unknown said…
I just finished the game. It was one of the best Metroid experiences I've ever had. The Atmosphere was perfect, the pacing was great and the lore was spot on. I don't know what will happen to this project and I fear that Nintendo will send A C&D.
For all it's worth, I hope that we will see you next mission. Thank you for this great game.
Unknown said…
After fixing the bugged suit, would you consider asking Nintendo to see if they would host your game on the eshop with the game itself becoming a Nintendo property? That way, they get money for it and your work remains
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for this :')
Unknown said…
Escribo este mensaje en español porque se que el autor de este AM2R es Argentino, y por tanto, hispanohañblante.

Soy muy fan de la saga Metroid y este remake me ha parecido una obra maestra, mejor incluso que otros juegos top de la saga como Zero Mission.

Es una lastima que Nintendo este intentando eliminar este juego. Juegos como este son los que se merece una saga como Metroid.

Muy de acuerdo con lo que dice el autor del post, que este juego sirva para que Nintendo se de cuenta que estamos deseando nuevos juegos de la saga como los Prime o los Metroid 2D de toda la vida.

Solo decir que gracias por permitirnos disfrutar de nuevo de un Metroid 2D en estado puro.

Unknown said…
Leave it to Nintendo to kill everyone's fun while continue to pump out lack luster Mario games no one gives a shit about (minus Mario Maker), pointless Kirby games, and a flat out bombed failure known as Star Fox. We can't have a good Metroid fan remake yet we can have Metroid Fifa on the 3DS? Ffs man, and people wonder why I stopped supporting this dog shit company. I don't give a rats ass that they're in their legal rights, being legal doesn't automatically make you a pioneering saint to do whatever the fuck you want. It's bullshit. I hope you manage to get past em' Doc. I'm tired of Nintendo ignoring their good mascots and milking their mainstream ones. It's a tired long tired dance and I'm sick of it.

Yours Truly - A gamer that wants good games again
Anonymous said…
Thank YOU, you've done what Nintendon't. They're only acknowledgement of Metroid's 30th was to shut down a labour of love for which you did not ask a penny despite all the hard work/time dedicated to it. AM2R is a joy to play with quality that practically rivals an official product. If Nintendo were living in the present century they'd have picked you up for an official remake ages ago.
Unknown said…
Como muchos fans de Metroid, llevaba muchos años siguiendo este proyecto. Ahora que lo he podido completar, solo decir que muchas gracias a los creadores de esta nueva obra maesta llamada AM2R. Los detalles, graficos, jugabilidad, OST, nuevas zonas y enemigos, ambientacion, todo en este juego es maravilloso. Mejor incluso que otros juegos top de la saga como Zero Mission. Vamos, que es un Metrod 2D es estado puro.

Una pena que Nintendo intente tapar este proyecto. Es el mejor Metroid tradicional desde Fusion y el mejor Metroid desde Prime 3. Solo espero que, al igual que dice el autor del post, este AM2R sirva para que Nintendo se de cuenta de que queremos mas juegos de esta saga. Queremos ver de nuevo a Samus como vimos en GameCube o en GBA, con nuevos juegos a la altura de Prime o Fusion. Y por supuesto, este AM2R ha conseguido hacer mas grande a la saga Metroid.

Gracias a todos los desarrolladores y en especial a DoctorM64 por permitirnos poder vivir de nuevo, la grandeza de un Metroid clasico.
Noah said…
I'm not annoyed that Nintendo took it down. I'm annoyed that they waited until NOW to do it, after you've been toiling away on this project for years and years. Jerk move by them. If they didn't want it to exist, they should have shut you down MUCH, much earlier.
They probably just wanted to play it themselves...
Unknown said…
They wouldn't have to buy it I don't think, they could just release it as theirs. But maybe I'm wrong
Anonymous said…
Hello Doc, this is my first time commenting. I've followed this project for years as a high school student (maybe longer) and I will soon be attending college. Thanks so much for you and your teams efforts on completing such an exceptional game over the years. Playing many of the demos, I appreciated the nuances you added to earlier levels as well as the effort put into the final levels as well as the Omega and Queen fights. Great job implementing SM items naturally and expanding the story/world substantially without distracting from the focus unlike ZM. It was cathartic to beat the game as it fulfills the ambition of the original game and makes the 2d saga feel more complete.

The DMCA notice still bothers me to an extent, but knowing that you're satisfied and willing to continue the project makes me feel better. I would love to play the updates whenever you get around to making and releasing them. Good luck in your programming future as well. I'd love to you next mission, whatever it may be.
Chris said…
First and foremost, thank you DoctorM64 for all of your hard work. I've been keeping up with your progress from the very beginning and was beyond excited on Saturday when the game was released. It is absolutely incredible and as far as I'm concerned, it is not "Another Metroid 2 Remake" it is THE Metroid II remake and a game I will be playing for many years to come. I know many are discouraged or upset that Nintendo sent the takedown notices but in my eyes this was inevitable. If anything, maybe the fact that Nintendo waited until the game was released was their way of turning a blind eye on this long enough to let the fans have the opportunity to play it (they know nothing can be erased fully from the Internet once released) while still "protecting their IP." Yeah, it would be amazing if Nintendo were to embrace this and adopt the game, but all in all I think this was the best realistic outcome. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors...thank you again for this amazing gift!
Alessio Saturno said…
Not that is easy but i honestly believe you should have tried doing your own videogame then.
I've gone though this fangame and, god, you have great talent in game design.
It's a pity it's just a fangame. The creator of Terraria had the same problem but now he's fine with Nintendo.
Walty said…
Hey, I downloaded this game on launch day and have played for a pretty solid 3 hours so far. I just wanted to let you know that the game is fantastic. It plays like a true Metroid game, and this is coming from someone who replays Super Metroid once a year or so. I even hooked up my USB SNES controller and mapped it to play this, and it just feels right.

I'm sorry that Nintendo felt the need to take it down, but know that you've made something incredible and they can't take that away.
Unknown said…
Thank you Very much for this great game. Its well thought out with and as expansive as a great Metroid game should be. You took the original game, gave is a fresh coat of paint, replaced the original economy sized engine with a powerful V12, and added plenty of other premium options. I am glad you are happy with your work as you should be because this is now THE best metroid game and you should be proud of that.
Serotonin2501 said…
I hope you release the soundtrack too. I absolutely loved it so far and can't wait until I can get past the Tower to hear the new music.
Metroid3d said…
We're all behind you Doc. Good luck in the future.
Anonymous said…
I don't hate Nintendo, its a corp. However, I dislike they failed to see even from the cold hearted aspect, the profit that could be made from this and how much you and others love the games. Instead by their actions they have shot down a lot of good will.

That said.

Thankyou. For all the years of hard work. For giving us something unique on the 30th and for sparking renewed interest in a game fanchise and type I've always enjoyed. Can't express enough how much this made my day and even week better.

Good luck with any future works. :)
Anonymous said…
Thank you Doc. I remember reading about this project years ago, and I'm overjoyed I get to play it fully realized now. You have done a great justice to the Metroid fanbase.

It's hard not to be mad at Nintendo in times like these, but we should be happy this game got a full release. Here's to this game circulating through the internet for the rest of time.
Velarin said…
No, I _WILL_ hate Nintendo for this and sure as hell I won't ever buy something from them if I can get it elsewhere.

They could have bought your project, helped the polishing and then sold it through their channels, giving you a fair share. It was not free anymore, sure, but it would have still been availlable at least.

Instead, they killed an astounding remake and forbade everyone to ever enjoying it in the future. So, no, hating them just sounds fair.
Fábio said…
I remain waiting the linux release...
For now, I've donwnloaded the Windows version in torrent, and let seeding! :)

Magnet link for AM2R torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:952a47ab3527ab8f6f0469725984da52cb884e34&dn=AM2R&

Enjoy, folks!
Anonymous said…
First of all, I would like to thank you so very much for the great game you created! You have done an outstanding job and this has become one of my most favourite Metroid games - if not THE most favourite game. It has everything that made the 2D versions great and enjoyable. It even takes the whole concept to a new level imho.

Secondly, I want to thank you for what this game meant to me, when I first discovered it. Back then, I was jobless and suffered from heavy depressions that came along with my situation. Not having money to go out or buy some nice things from time to time made it even worse for me. Your demos not only felt like a gift to me, they even distracted me from all the bull**** I encountered back then. Furthermore this game gave me newfound joy and brought up sweet memories from a better past, when I first played Metroid 2 on my GameBoy as a kid. I think it's not over the top to say that your remake gave me some hope and courage to change my situation for the better and to enjoy life again.

What you encounter right now with Nintendo makes me kinda sick. In my opinion, they acted like major dicks. I could have understood if they had intervened much earlier. But that they had the nerve to wait for the full release to make a copyright claim is downright back-stabbing. This clearly shows their attitude. They know very well what the fans and retro gamers want: We want platformers like Metroid and Castlevania in good old fashion. We want our beloved franchises to be treated with respect and see new and well-done releases. But instead, Nintendo keeps on investing time and money into projects that are not well received, to say the least. And when people like you come up with remakes, game hacks and other good stuff, Nintendo acts like a spoilt child and insists on the license. They haven't learned anything in past couple of years and this won't do them any good. They take a similar path like SEGA. And we know how that story ended.

As far as I'm concerned, Nintendo lost another customer. From now on, they won't receive any dime from me. I won't buy classics from their online store anymore as well as new hardware and software. I will stick to Ebay and fleemarkets, if there is anything i would like to add to my collection. And I will keep this up, until they seem to have changed attitude. As we say in Switzerland, Germany and Austria: Who doesn't want to hear, has to feel...

I will visit your site every now and then and keep an eye on updates. I still hope for bugfixes (even if I didn't encounter bugs so far), a Linux version and most of all a port for Android. But take your time, mate. You already gave us so much. Whatever you throw at us will be highly appreciated. But always remember: You have given us much more than we could have ever wished for! Thank you very much for everything. Take care.

Best wishes
Anonymous said…
Great work. Respect for doing this in your spare time.

I have a lot of fun with am2r.
Anonymous said…
Did you considered that maybe there are some artists who would be glad to change the current sprites and everything else that violates nintendo's rights? That way everyone can still enjoy this wonderful game.
Anonymous said…
Nintendo seems to get salty whenever anyone beats them at their own game. No pun intended. Anyone who has outdone them in anything, they send their legal dogs after ever since The Great Giana Sisters. TearRing Saga which tried to outdo Fire Emblem? Lawyers (thankfully they failed). Alundra, which did Zelda better than Zelda? Lawyers (again, thankfully they failed). Better Metroid 2 than Metroid 2? Lawyers. Mario Maker clone with more features? Lawyers.

Nintendo, learn to actually step up your game instead of being jealous that someone who actually cares about your franchises can do a better job than you. For God's sake, you didn't even bother to celebrate the series' anniversary and are more worried about the few pennies you can pinch off Virtual Console. Do what you do best, innovate, instead of being a tyrant.
Unknown said…
I know it just wouldn't be the same, but why not reskin, re-music, rename and release it as more of a "spiritual successor" to Metroid 2. I mean, so far what I have played it is frickin awesome, and it is a shame that it had been DMCA'd. (Maybe leave it open for something like an ips patch to change assets...)
Anon said…
I think they waited intentionally so they could rip the game for themselves.

Don't know how that would work legally, but technically they own almost everything in AM2R.
Anonymous said…
I agree that the Queen dies in a kinda underwhelming way. Especially if you use certain methods where she just, poofs. The entire final area in general felt a little like that, with the metroid counter not actually doing anything interesting either. (It doesn't actually increase, and it doesn't go down when killing the Queen)
Anonymous said…
I like this from stracth your beginning for remake metroid 2,and now pulled off... maybe you can try again 2 years later or 5 month later to reupload the file..... i have the file but nothing i can reupload to the website,there is some warning from nintendo dmca... i'm okay with this i'm not mad to nintendo BUT i'm very angry to dmca issue that your file and your assets now has been gone...... how shame that is.
Garsen said…
I didn't think they would actually try to C&D this, but who knows, maybe they held it off just long enough on purpose to let others play your work. That's the most optimistic I can be about this.

Without knowing any details behind the scenes, I have to say its ironic. They say they are protecting the property and image of the character, but I think in this instance they're hurting their own image 100%.

I respect that you are so humble about this and hold no ire towards Nintendo, and again I remain optimistic and hope others continue to share your game as I will with all the Metroid fans (and even new players) as I can.
YolmzWelra said…
For a second there I was worried you might be sad over not being able to share your "masterpieceful" creation. I'm glad to see you are satisfied.

I kinda understand Nintendo, and I'm glad I at least got to play it before they took it down. I don't hate Nintendo, I'm just a little angry since they ignore their Metorid fans over and over again.

Anyway, I have almost finished my first playthrough of AM2R and it's amazing. Dare I say it's the best game so far to come out this year and may very well be one of my favorite games after Super Metroid and Metroid Prime!
Will Steinmetz said…
Thanks for providing this project to play! I always loved the original and your remake has blown my mind!

Honestly, you've made enough changes and improvements that you could easily release it as a separate game if you were up for changing sprites and some story elements (granted a lot of yours were created specifically for your remake). If you ever decide to go this route and need someone to collaborate with for coming up with a story, please feel free to get in touch because I would love to write a story behind a game.

You're definitely talented at game creation and Nintendo is missing out by not having you on their team to work on great quality games like this one.
Unknown said…
Already got me that eShop copy, considering Metroid II is still one of my favorite Metroid games. This was a beautiful Remake and I'm so glad I got a chance to play it.
Unknown said…
The original Metroid 2 didn't suck at all!
emka said…
Amazing job!!! I love this game. Thank You!
Unknown said…
Yeah I was quite upset at Nintendo for sending out a DMCA, but you are right.. we shouldn't be hating on Nintendo, it is in their legal rights to protect their IP, even though you were very honest and showed fair use by including the original staff developers in the credits of your guys' project. I actually believed that this fan game would entice people and look forward to playing Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

I'm not exactly clear on why Nintendo decided to send a DMCA when your guy's fan game has been in development for 8+ years and you had multiple demos along the way, but I do hope you and the others will find a way to co-exist with Nintendo in some way and continue having fun with AM2R out of love.

Happy 30th Metroid Anniversary, see you next mission!
Anonymous said…
You did an exelent work, if you want to stop here i don't blame you, you desirve the rest.
But if you can release updates, i form of patches or something more descrete, we would really apreciate it.
Thanks for everything.
Anonymous said…
The game was exciting.

The first thing that puzzled is the locks that open the blue energy balls (open grey locks). I initially (on the first and second stages) were wondering how to open these locks. I thought that at the first stage, the lock locks the gateway behind which lies ice-beam (ice beam in the demo game was on the first stage). On the second stage (near the hydrostation) I actually thought at first that Metroid is locked by this lock, but no. When I reached the fifth stage (underwater), all turned out by itself, all the locks I opened. Then ice-beam was looking for a long time. If bubbles were absent prior to the sixth stage, then I would have played further, without ice-beam.
I, in my opinion, quickly learned to fight the Omega-metroid (before the first victory was six-seven defeats).

For a long time I was thinking how to defeat the Queen-Metroid. At first I thought that should be to put super-bomb in the belly of Queen in the moment when she is going to spew a fireball at the wall. Missiles by this time almost does not remain. During the horseradish knows what kind of battle I accidentally an ice-beam shot in the spewing thorn of Queen (so solved the task of replenishment of ammunition and health).


I was playing on hard difficulty, has collected 93% of things. The resulting time in the game was five hours. In total the game took about fifteen hours - thirteen hours with breaks on Sunday and two hours Monday (played and won).

Great game!
Milton ! You and your assistants a huge thank you.

With respect

(Original text:
Игра получилась увлекательной.
Первое, что озадачило - это замки, которые открываются синими энергошарами (для открытия серых шлюзов). Я поначалу (на первом и втором этапах) гадал, как открывать эти замки. Я полагал, что на первом этапе замок запирает шлюз, за которым лежит холодящий луч (в демо-игре холодящий луч был именно на первом этапе). На втором этапе (возле гидростанции) я вообще подумал сначала, что метроид заперт таким замком, но нет. Когда я дошел до пятого этапа (подводная станция), все выяснилось само собой, все замки я открыл. Потом холодящий луч искал долго. Если бы отсутствовали пузыри перед шестым этапом, тогда я так и играл бы дальше, без холодящего луча.
Сражаться с омега-метроидом я научился, на мой взгляд, быстро (перед первой победой было шесть-семь поражений).
Долго я соображал, как победить Королеву-метроида. Поначалу я думал, что королеве надо в брюхо поместить супер-бомбу в момент когда она собирается изрыгнуть огненный шар в стену. Ракет к этому моменту почти не оставалось. Во время хрен знает какой битвы я случайно стрельнул холодящим лучом по изрыгаемым королевой колючкам (так была решена задачка по пополнению боеприпасов и здоровья).
Я прошел игру на тяжелом уровне сложности, собрал 93% предметов. Итоговое время игры составило пять часов. Суммарно на всю игру было потрачено около пятнадцати часов - тринадцать часов с перерывами в воскресенье и два часа в понедельник (доиграл и победил).

Отличная игра!
Милтон! Тебе и твоим помощникам огромное спасибо.

С уважением
Сергей )
Jay said…
I'd say release updates with patches.
Thanks for your hard work.
Talyn said…
Thank you for your hard work, Doc. It's a fine project, fun to play, and an enjoyable, authentic Metroid experience. I was glad to play it, and will continue to share it with friends who share my passion for the Metroid name for the forseeable future. Please take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
Well, I personally have no sympathy for nintendo whatsoever since they are so ignorant towards their fanbase. But since it has been released before it could be shut down, they can't really stop the spreading anymore anyways.

I am f*cking blown away by this game. I wouldn't call it Metroid 2 Remake though, but new 2D Metroid of Awesomeness or something ;-)

Great job. If Nintendo would be smart, they would have bought it from you to put on eshop or offered you a job position or something.

Well, maybe someone should make a game which is like an IP of them but not exactly, just to say a big f*ck u :-D
Unknown said…
i really want the soundtrack tho >.< you can add that right? they will not stop you from the soundtrack right? right?
Josh D. said…
Ive literally been following your progress with a link in my browser that's come over from like 3 computers now. I was always overjoyed to see you were still working on the project as i am a huge fan of a good solid Metroid game.

I recently beat the game and i have to say i haven't played such a fun solid game in this style for years! So thank you for putting your heart and soul into it and giving us something so much fun to play and remember when 2d games like this were the best!

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
To DoctorM64 and his team: You have created something beautiful. I completely agree with Adrian when he says that Nintendo is being vindictive about the AM2R release...Commenter Adrian states in opposition to Nintendo's timely response:

"If they had taken action in 2008, when you went public with the project, I would agree with you.
If they had taken action the same year, when news about it started to hit gaming media (like Kotaku), I would agree with you.
If they had taken action in 2011, when the first proper demo came out, I would agree with you."

This statement rings true to me. Why is it that Nintendo allowed DoctorM64 and his team to labor over AM2R for nearly ten years, fully knowing of it's existence? Why wouldn't they nip the project at the bud, instead of letting it blossom into a beautiful and fragrant rose--only to cut it off as soon as the petals had fully opened? It just screams to me the essence of Nintendo--Overly prideful and power hungry, and ignorant of their fans.

In addition, I fully support an anonymous commenter on this feed; some of his last lines read: "As far as I'm concerned, Nintendo lost another customer. From now on, they won't receive any dime from me."

So true dude---I have completely lost respect for Nintendo. I really used to love them, but after this? No way man--I cannot stand idly against such brilliance and devotion being stomped on. Nintendo has certainly lost me as a customer, permanently. Their actions show the vengeful and unpleasant side of Nintendo. Frankly, why wouldn't Nintendo be amazed that their fans (DoctorM64 and his Team) loved their games so much, that they were inspired BY NINTENDO to create another installment?--Forget money, forget Copyright Laws and bullshit legal fights-- I'm talking about the creation of art, a literal work of art. If I was in Nintendo's position, I would be BAFFLED at the creativity and dedication of DoctorM64 and his Team, and celebrate them for it!

Finally, dear DoctorM64 and Team, I want you to know that I very much love your game, and that you and your group's hard work and devotion has created something that will be enjoyed by TRUE fans all over the world--fans of the METROID SERIES ITSELF, NOT NINTENDO. Don't let Nintendo get you down--and PLEASE, PLEASE speak with Nintendo as personally as you can, to try to get your game accepted. The work of art that you and your Team have created needs to live on, to prosper--the talent that you and your Team exhibited with this project is astounding and deserves recognition.

A Seriously Pissed Off Fan
Dave said…
Will there ever be any mod support for this? It'd be cool to tweak various things like character colors, etc.
Anonymous said…
I just want you to know that AM2R is second only to Super Metroid in my books, and I've played every Metroid to date. Even then, there are plenty of finer points about AM2R that are better than Super Metroid and you ought to be proud! You, sir, are a talent and I'm very happy to know you are satisfied with your work, as you should be. Keep up the amazing work and attitude. =)
MrPerson0 said…
I don't think that anyone understands how good it is that Nintendo did NOT send a C&D letter to DoctorM64. If he was C&D, that would mean DoctorM64 would be forced to stop any work on the fan-game, unless he wants to face a lawsuit. Nintendo only DMCA'd the downloads for the game. They even waited an entire day to do so. It seems that they wanted fans to get a chance to get the full game before taking the downloads down to save face.
Uor Nefelino said…
Really don't know if this is the right time or right place to say that, but in my game the sprites looks kinda pixelated.I thought was how the game looks, however I watched a video on youtube of someone else playing, and there the sprites looks clean, most like the newer 2D Metroid games on the GBA. Any idea why? I even play in window mode, but still looks pixelated.

The game is awesome though, a true gift to Metroid fans. Congratulations and thank you.
Unknown said…
Release the source code somewhere so that we can make improvements on our own, and so that Nintendo would never be able to stop it.
LBXZero said…
If you can find a related USENET binaries group, you might be able to share through that system.
DeProgrammer said…
No worries! Most of the people who love Metroid the most got to play it already. The thing about data is that once it's out there in the open, there's no way anyone can undo it.

Also, I love C#. Remember me? An outdated link to my Rendezvous Delano has been on your blog all these years. :P I'm finally paying for a domain and host, so the URL for that shouldn't change again in the foreseeable future!
Unknown said…
I took my ds and broke to show how disgusted i am with nintendo, they're just jealous because someone beat them to the punch on a remake
theCansi said…
Just want to say thank you. I'm enjoying myself so much at playing it, great job <3
Camelslayer said…
While I understand the request for people to not be angry about this, realistically Nintendo needs to wake up. Their vehement crusade against any fan games, footage, or what have you do more to damage their reputation amongst the gaming community than it does to help it. Not to mention they're literally shunning free advertising for both their IPs and games.

Yes, it is their prerogative to protect their IP. But what are they protecting it from, really? What harm does a fan game do to their IP? Or a YouTube video showing a playthrough that will, in fact, promote sales for them? Quite honestly, by recreating Metroid II, you promoted people to go play the original Metroid II, which is the exact opposite of the "damage" they seem to anticipate.

I'm sorry, but I can't fully agree with you. It's their right to protect their IP, nobody can argue. But as I said, they're not protecting it from anything, merely spitting in the faces of fans, when there's other developers that will look at fan projects and recognize it as a love letter to the original, and merely a love for the series in general. Nintendo simply doesn't get that Actions such as this is why Nintendo continues to get a bad reputation.
Anonymous said…
Now that the mirrors are down, I contacted nintendo and made a pledge for the game. Nintendo is a giant firm, I bet they didn't even recognise they made a mistake when proceeding standardly with AM2R. I encouraged them to have a look into the game and understand how much heartblood was given to make it as close to the spirit of the original series as it could be. Maybe they'll embrace the ill-born child - but surely it will take some time until the people in the right positions are convinced.
In the meantime, I encourage you all around here to follow suit - make nintendo aware that this great little game belongs into the hands of the gamers, and not the hackers who would over time only implement spy ware or viruses. The game is released, the 'damage' (which it really isn't) is done. It can only become worse if nintendo now doesn't act.
Make them understand that it is from the fans, and for the fans. Make them understand they can only win - if they realise this is the one-in-a-hundred chance where a shooting down of a fan game in violation of intellectual property simply isn't right. We owe this game some, don't you think? It made us look forward to something good. Let's convince nintendo together, and let the other players look forward to something good as well. Also, this game shouldn't ever be considered as a stain on Doc64s and the teams vest.
And while you're at it, make them realise they lost a part of their fan base along the road. But we're still here.
And now it's time to slay that ghastly omega metroid on hard mode. Invisible as I am. :) It's a feature, not a bug ;) :D
TheDoctorTL said…
this is SO SAD. I hate nintendo they're ruining youtube and now this too. this is not right! alas i'll play the game anyway and do a series on youtube to spread the word. AM2R will never die. as long as torrent is up i guess it won't die. spread the love. spread the AM2R. METROID 30TH LET'S GO
Unknown said…
I played this game completely and the only thing I can say is, Bravo 👏. This game did not disappoint any kind of way. I had no problems or glitches with it either. It played perfectly on my computer. (Spoiler) Hearing the Queen from a far distance from a another cavern after beating the omegas was a nice touch. I loved the puzzles that were implemented in the game (and I do love a challenge). This game is not a work of art, it is a masterpiece.
Anonymous said…
Thank you brother!!! Am gonna seed via torrent YOUR amazing game until Motherbrain gets alzheimer! I think this last Metroid (game) will not be in captivity so easily and i don't see Nintendo be at peace really soon.
Thank you again! I realy enjoy your game and as far as i know is the most original Metroid i saw for a long time now! Truly a new part of Metroid universe.
Unknown said…
and how about changing the sprite of the game and making this into a non-metroid game?
Anonymous said…
i'm glad you're taking it so well. i like the little things like having a button that instantly puts you in ball form and the faster saving.
ZeroTwo said…
my friend!! te quedo muy excelente este juegaso!! bueno es claro que Nintendo si te iba a dar de baja los enlaces de descarga.. pero aun asi hiciste un gran trabajo!! y de verdad te lo agradecemos mucho, este es un merecido regalo por los 30 años de la saga Metroid!! (ojala Nintendo aprendiera que esto es lo que queremos en un futuro el aclamado Metroid 5 )

y dalo por hecho te seguiré en el twitter para ver futuras actualizaciones!! :3
Anonymous said…
"If they had taken action in 2008, when you went public with the project, I would agree with you.
If they had taken action the same year, when news about it started to hit gaming media (like Kotaku), I would agree with you.
If they had taken action in 2011, when the first proper demo came out, I would agree with you." - Adrian

On sentiment and principle, I agree with the above comment. Legally speaking, considering what I wrote above, it doesn't matter. Doc is still in the right here legally. However, the point is nevertheless valid to bring up in a court of law that the nature of this DMCA is highly dubious and an abuse of 17USC§512.
Joel Hicks said…
You know, if they force people to go to Pirate Bay to get this game, you might as well download a few dozen of their best (read pre-wii) games while you are at it. I agree with the rest here in that Nintendo should have taken issue a decade ago. Screw Nintendo and the horse they rode in on. They haven't been able to keep me entertained really since the SNES. If they want to add being an @ss on top of being unable to make a game that their original fans (30 somethings and 40 somethings) can enjoy more power to them. They will be a property of Sony or Microsoft in less than a decade.
Callinon said…
It's the best Metroid game I've played since Super Metroid, and I've played them all.

I will, however, not buy Metroid 2 from them as I've already done that once (I have the original Game Boy version) and I don't feel like rewarding their gutting of this magnificent series by giving them more of my money.
grossman said…
Yeah but it would look good on Nintendo if they did buy it. I have a bad feeling this game will fade into obscurity.
Milton managed to make this game awesome with minimal resources. Nintendo seems to have no direction for the Metroid series at the moment. Imagine what could be made if Nintendo gave Milton a budget and a team. I'd love to play a Metroid game just like this on the NX.
Anonymous said…
Try killing the queen with a p-bomb
Anonymous said…
Discovered a bug where using a p-bomb in the chozo statue portion of the varia suit room will leave behind invisible blocks in the room with the actual upgrade.
iDarkLinkGraal said…
I'm lucky to say I got this downloaded before it got taken down. I loved all the detail put into almost every little bit into this remake! From the details in the information scanning to Samus having an idle animation, I really loved it! Just goes to show how beautiful a fan-created game can be. Simply magnificent.
I don't think Nintendo was wrong to strike the game. It IS their IP. However, with you giving full acknowledgement to the original release (even having them all in the credits), I'd assume that this would fall under fair use, seeing as it's not only a fan-creation, but an homage to the great title being remade here.
Honestly, as soon as I finished this game I told my friends to get it (before I knew it was taken down). Even if it's only a fan recreation, it's a damn good one at that. I'm pushing for this to be under fair use (: thank you so much for this amazing remake!
Anonymous said…
ok lets get started

first of all nintendo can kiss my ass for what they have done clearly those jealous amateurs they did this because they got scared of the very talented game developer you are

second as i heard you are going to update it theres some things i recommend

1.- the gravity suit bug
2.- Queen's green things nerf the amount of items you get (from 3-4 to 1)

looking forward for it and dude you earned my respects for this project and nintendo just lost a customer for this stupid decision
a fan said…
This work is far better then any metroid works produced by nintendo in years! suddenly it's gone! I waited for a long time for this game and now I miss my chance to play! I am Irate with nintendo for this one! very Capcom of them!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry for what's happened but I really wanted to take my time to thank you for an outstanding piece of work. I'll treasure this little gem forever.

See you next mission.
Tom said…
Just tried the game, it is really awesome!! I first discovered your blog a couple of years ago and thought: this is cool, but it'll probably never be finished.
It's such a nice surprise to see such a polished product. Thanks a lot for finishing it!! I played tons of Video games in the last 30 years, but Super Metroid has always been my favorite. (Till Ori came... :-))
AM2R seems to be very close. Can't wait to finish it!
Again: awesome work & where can I donate?
Anonymous said…
Courage. 8 years visiting your blog was a long road but it was well worth it. Thank you for everything.
Unknown said…
I have waited for the completion of this project for a couple of years now and downloaded it as soon as the timer went down to zero. The game is amazing and far beyond the scope of a fan-game. This is more close to the pinnacles that are Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. You and your team have done an awesome job with this game. And apart from the gravity suit bug I have been hearing about, I have had literally zero problems with bugs so far, being roughly 50% into the game.

The music of the game is awesome! Are you planning on releasing the full soundtrack later?
Unknown said…
As much as I dislike the fact that this got DMCA'd, I think that Nintendo did the right thing. From what (limited) understand I have of the US trademark system, Nintendo *has* to DMCA this or they lose their trademark. So, that being said, the fact that they waited until it was released and we got to play it is the best we could have possibly hoped for.
Basically, don't blame Nintendo, blame the US Trademark system.
CMXavier86 said…
Primero te felicito por el harto laburo que te mandaste, y segundo: Sos argentino? Me estoy iniciando en lo que es game dev. espero algún día poder hacer algo a este nivel (:

Unknown said…
Even with this awful news, I am a fanboy and can never leave Nintendo. Luckily got it before the plug was pulled.
intronaut34 said…
Well, as much as this sucks, I'm just glad you were able to release the completed game, even if it has a couple bugs (hoping to avoid the invisible gravity suit one, as I'm very close to that point in the game).

One of the only suggestions I have for improvement beyond what has already been mentioned concerns my struggling with The Tester fight on Hard Mode; I found it very cheap that it could shoot projectiles from across the room and they would still hit me, but if I shot missiles at it while it was off-screen, I missed every time - at least, I'm pretty sure this was the case. I eventually beat the boss, but still, it would be nice to be able to hit it when it's off-screen, given its movement and attack patterns.

That said, this easily stands with the best 2D Metroid games (Super Metroid, Fusion & Zero Mission). Amazing work; if Nintendo doesn't hire you or at least react positively to AM2R in some way, they're making an insane failure of a business decision. Also, I appreciate that Hard Mode lives up to its name; I always found the other games pretty easy, but that's not the case here.
Unknown said…
Hey Doc I missed out on downloading Am2r before it came out. Is there any way you could email me the download? Or if anybody readin this wants to email me the dowbload, that'd be great. Email is
Anonymous said…
To the Author -

Consider this.

This is the chance for gamers to fight back, and change Trademark laws to be updated for the 21st century to allow fan works to be protected. The reason why they went after you is because they don't protect their trademark that they might lose it for some possible future incident. It's not fair to you, but it is also not fair to them.

Anyone who is really versed on the law needs to take this one, and only chance to band to together because now you all have a precedent to change the US & Japanese Trademark law to bring it up to speed.

I wish you all luck, don't blow this chance to correct a decades old mistake that needs to change for both parties.
Anonymous said…
See, if Nintendo was smart they'd actually work something out instead of just shutting them down. Nintendo should really take the Sonic Mania approach with Metroid and reach out to fan developers to produce quality Metroid games. AM2R deserves to get the nod from Nintendo, it's the best thing to happen to Metroid in a decade.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
You're an amazing man.

Really, when you said "Please don't hate Nintendo, it's their job to protect their IP", I almost screamed in joy.

I mean guys, if you like Metroid, you won't cuss at Nintendo or swear hate upon them: after all THEY are the owners of the IP and they decide if it lives or dies. And by taking the attitude that some of us are taking, that's literally asking for them to kill Metroid.

So please, if you want the game, ask someone here, on a forum or on reddit for a link. They will give it to you. And please do not shit and piss on Nintendo, if you had a work and someone were distributing a 1:1 remake of it, I bet you would be pissed as well.

(Also, I've heard that if this went on they COULD lose the trademark on ANYTHING Metroid related in the USA / the Americas, so literally ANYONE ELSE could register the trademark "Metroid" under their name.)
(DOUBLE ALSO, They left it up for a day, maybe for enough people to download it. That's some really good fan service for you.)

Anyway, thanks for the game, and again, YOU ARE AWESOME.
mark said…
even throughout a DMCA all affiliated parties are being adults. Doc you're a solid dude, thanks for this wonderful tribute and then some. Good luck with everything in the future you do!
Unknown said…
waiting this long seems like an extreme dick move on Nintendo's part. However.. if you think about it, what if the person who made this decision was also a fan of your work. What if he/she knew what had to be done.. but let a day go by so the world could have this fine work. They could have taken action with just the concept or the demo's.. easily.
Robert said…
I'd hazard a guess that nobody at Nintendo played the game to the end. See, because the game is dedicated to the memory of Satoru Iwata, nuking the game was dishonouring him.

Anyway, this is alarming as it shows just how Orwellian the Internet has become, even without SOPA and others like it. Imagine taking a canary into a coalmine, and having it asphyxiate IMMEDIATELY.

I am now officially a Nintendo hater.

I am, however, relieved that you are okay.
Fábio said…
I can help to translate it to Portuguese, if you want... AM2R multi language would be even more awesome!!! :D
phart010 said…
Reggie took a day off from work and was sitting at home trying to beat the game as soon as it was released, that's why it took so long before the DMCA was issued... :P j/k
SCP-682 said…
I heard about what happened. I'd consider looking into if the level layout is okay. If there's no problem with that, but Nintendo still won't let you use Metroid, get in touch with Sega and see if you can use Vectorman as a replacement, Doctor M. Since Vectorman has a number of similarities to Samus, it might be possible to re-theme the game around him instead.

Bounty Hunter (Samus) = Trash burning robot (Vectorman)
Gunship = Sludge Barge
Power Beam = Photon Shooter
Health units = Photons? (They were collectibles for points in the Genesis games, but could be repurposed if you don't want to use the generic green balls)
Morph Ball = Rolling explosive form
Enemies = Robots/Mutants
Dash boots (forgot the name) = Roller skates (from Vectorman 2)
Environment = Polluted

I don't know if they would let you use him or not, but it might draw interest in his games and possibly lead to Vectorman getting a revival, which could be beneficial to Sega. Also, sorry if it seems I posted this comment multiple times. I've been having Internet trouble lately.
The dmca came quickly but copies will be shared everywhere. Thank you for such a great game! Nintendo should hire you!
Unknown said…
Yo, Doc - good on you for your stance on the matter, as you could have used this opportunity to be bitter. To be very upset. To be absolutely awful towards Nintendo as a company.

But your work, and your word, confirms your heart on the matter.

Congratulations not only for completing AM2R, but also keeping your views concerning Nintendo fluent throughout the years with your work.

Thank you.
Unknown said…
I got am2r because I've never played the original. One of four metroid games I haven't beaten yet.
Unknown said…
Absolutely beyond incredible!!!!! I played the demo over a year ago and loved it then and I love it even more now.

Metroid is my favorite series and I always found Fusion and Zero mission to be my favorite style and play control. AM2R tops them both in my opinion.

This is the game that Metroid fans wanted!!! Not this "Other M" / "Federation Force" crap.

Fingers crossed that Nintendo somehow embraces this for the masterpiece that it is. Every bit of the blood sweet and tears that you put into it shows!

Thank you for giving us the chance to play this amazing game!
toham said…
As many people said, if Nintendo were real MFs they could have stopped it before it came out, so...
But federation force, seriously??
Anyways, I wanted to thank you a lot for this game, I beat it today, and I enjoyed every minute! (and luckily, zero bug!)
One of the few episodes I never completed (the original one is a bit too austere for me)!!
Sir_Poeta said…
Hola doc, me parece genial el proyecto, yo lo sigo desde sus inicios, lloré mucho al jugar esta actualización completa donde por primera vez se puede llegar al final... Es de verdad una lástima que Nintendo esté tomándose de esta forma la presencia de AM2R, en lugar de hablar con usted y hacer de este juego una parte legal de entre la saga de Metroid; podrían crear catricks y/o cd's y hacerlo compatible a sus consolas, para que los usuarios podamos darnos el lujo de comprar uno original para jugarlo. Recordar que no porque un juego esté circulando por internet evitaría que se vendiera en forma física, si el juego es tan bueno como lo es el AM2R, puede tener grandes éxitos en el comercio ya empezando por los nostálgicos que seguimos la saga desde las décadas ochenta y noventa. Magnífica música de los últimos sectores, no tengo nada que criticar en cuento a la habilidad que posees de composición, me hiciste recordar cuando por primera vez pasé el Metroid 2 original y todo lo que significó para mí en aquellos tiempos. Este juego es para mí y para siempre, parte de la saga de Metroid que yo atesoro, tengo todos los juegos originales, y aunque este no existe en modo físico, lo guardaré como si lo estuviera, por el solo hecho de haberme conquistado.
Estoy trabajando y terminando un parche para traducirlo al español, también hice un ogg clásico que suena cuando se toma cualquier item... me gustaría haberlo podido configurar solo cuando se toman los misiles, pero no está incluido dentro de las ogg configuradas en la carpeta. A cualquiera que desee el parche para volver el juego a español envíeme un e-mail:
Saludos y mucha suerte doc, siga con fuerza perfeccionando este grandioso logro :D
zachThePerson said…
"if you had a work and someone were distributing a 1:1 remake of it, I bet you would be pissed as well."

Lets change mediums for a second. If I made a song 24 years ago and the only version that currently exists was a 24kbps .mp3, and it was selling only a few copies every once in awhile, I honestly wouldn't give a shit. Especially if my song was a "Classic" and people were STILL going to go back and listen to the original for nostalgia.
Fábio said…
Have AM2R a official page in facebook or G+?
samus88 said…
I just destroyed my 3ds with a hammer. Nintendo is dead to me.
Unknown said…
I hope that Nintendo takes notice of your work and makes this an official release. You have a brilliant future in game development my friend.
brandino said…
Really wish Nintendo didn't step in this game is amazing. And after all that work they didnt think twice to nab it. I bet their new game is a factor in the DMCA Notice.

Great Work game was 11/10.
Anonymous said…
Did Nintendo tell you to say that last part about hating Nintendo?
Unknown said…
See, this is why whenever I download something like this I create multiple copies of it. One stays on my computer, another copy goes on a flash drive, and yet another goes on an external HDD. Just to minimize the chance of ever losing it.

On a side note, it really is sad to see Nintendo taking this stance on things. There hasn't been a main series release in years, and when we finally do hear of a new Metroid game, it's a product that - and I'm just going to say it - no one really wants. People want another chapter in the saga of Samus Aran in this deep, immersive sci-fi universe that we've all come to know and love. They don't want a soccer/football-style game (I think that's what it is, I've been avoiding reading about it) that has nothing to do with the overall story of Samus Aran. But I digress.

If there's any saving grace here, it's that they at least waited until the full game was released before they took action. They could have starting slinging DMCA notices at any time, but they didn't. They waited until the full game was completed, and we all had a clear - if brief - opportunity to download it.

And, as it's been noted, there has been no formal issuance of a Cease & Desist order, so there's still hope. I'm not really angry at Nintendo, it's more like a blend of frustration and disappointment. I wish the best of luck to you, Doctor. Hopefully all this can be sorted out in a way that will keep the project alive.

P.S. - As of this writing, I've beaten the game twice. It was tremendously satisfying, and a refreshing experience... I've spent so long replaying games like Super, Fusion, and Zero Mission that the games were beginning to feel stale.
Anonymous said…
How do you fix "Failed to create Direct3D 9ex device"? I've already Googled it.
I am still waiting linux version :´( why you dont try to use a diferent type of sprites and tiles? it can be great!
VoyagerOrchid said…
I've watched your build for 8 years Doc, and it's been amazing to play your game. Thank you, from the bottom my my Metroid-loving heart, for this game. If you were interested in trying to negotiate with Nintendo to officiate it at all, I and many others would be 100% behind your efforts!

GlitchDeity said…
He got to finish the game and let fans download it.
Because they waited until now to act, we can play the complete game, are you saying you'd rather it was shut down years ago, leaving us with nothing?
If anything, you should be grateful they waited so long to act and didn't take it down when we got playable demos.
Anonymous said…
Is there any way you can sale this game to nintendo to release as a downloadable title?
Unknown said…
It's been only 2-3 years since I got into Metroid, and I bought every major installment since then. I wish Nintendo would recognize they let the fanbase down with Federation Force, and not doing anything for the 30th Anniversary... The least they could do is let people have this. It feels really disrespectful to the fans.

For what it's worth, I absolutely adored it.
Anonymous said…
Here is a fix for the invisible Gravity Suit, tried on 12 different friends computers, worked every time. Just reinstall directx 9.0c or higher, restart if necessary. Hope this helps.
Unknown said…
Amazing game! I was here 7 minutes after the download went live because I knew Nintendo would be all over it. I sped home from work to be here that quick and it looks like my enthusiasm and intuition paid off. As soon as I heard about the take-down, I immediately started serving up copies on Frostwire. Fans deserve this, not "Federation Farce". I love your work, Doc!
Gabriel.rasilva said…
I have no words, just thank you for making this remake of the game.
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for doing this man. I was a big fan of Metroid, but Nintendo has ruined the series. 2 was actually my favorite in the series despite it being on the Gameboy and you and everyone that helped you did an above-and-beyond remake that was faithful to the original yet added lots of awesome stuff to it. It's almost like the original RE versus the REmake.

I managed to find a copy to download and share with a friend and we both are enjoying it greatly. Keep on kicking ass one and all!
Unknown said…
Thank you for the game Doc, I have a 100% item collection
Anonymous said…
My God are you people dense. Nintendo could have shut this down at any time. They LET the game be released.
Unknown said…
Regardless Doc, you made an awesome game and I loved every min of it. The music was great, the map, details everything was amazing. You made it spooky in some areas, I jumped a few times, and you made the final battle longer, challenging, and two ways to kill the queen I mean well done! I was hoping one day Nintendo would rebuilt this game better but did. So that said, I give your project game AMR2 10/10, it was that good. I love this game when it first came out but playing the AMR2 was just mind blowing. As a Metroid fan, it was a honor to play this game. Congratulations on your successful project AMR2 and your hard work Doc.
Thank you so much for building this game for all of us.

Ps. I love the hatching music, a perfect touch to ending of the game.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all your incredible work! You've done an amazing job, and given us Metroid fans a far better 30th anniversary game than Nintendo. To me, this is an official game, screw anything Nintendo says. This was a total dick move on their part, and if you ask me it's because they're jealous. They know you've created a better Metroid game than they've released in almost a decade now, and they're behaving like spoiled brats about it.

Thank you again for your time. And I agree with others- use your game engine and expertise to create your own indie game with your own IP. Kickstart it or something too, you have a reputation now, and at least some of us would gladly toss you some funds, even just as a thank you for giving us AM2R. (Don't suggest as much on the fundraising campaign- their legal team would jump all over that).

Also, I already own Metroid 2. Have the cartridge. :)
Unknown said…
You are too kind to Nintendo, Doctor... It took a team that doesin't work for Nintendo to get us what we want....unbelievable.... For if you try to get ahold of them through their website so as to share your thoughts and opinions to them.. you are brought to a page that says they no longer take customer feedbacks anymore because they say they have a devoted team that knows exactly what they're doing. It also basicaly says that if we want to have a say in what we want out of Nintendo, we need to go take a course in videogame programming and work for them also before they'l even consider listening to anything we have to say. If they are so stuck up and full of sh*t like that, that they won't listen to their fans as to what videogames they'd like to have in the future.... then they deserves to fail and go belly up. They could have at least offered to put AM2R on the market and give you and your friends who helped make the game a cut on the sales. Heck... if I was president at Nintendo, I'd offer all of you guys jobs. What awsome work you guys did. hopefully we will see more updates. Heres a link to Nintendo's website that proves what I was talking about earlier.
Anonymous said…
In the last six years, I have kept a close eye on all the project as well as every blog release after I found the blog with a AM2R demo 1.3 download link. At that time, it made me shocked, it is a perfect remake.

You know, when I was young, I used to carry a GB with Metroid 2: Return of Samus, it was part of my childhood and it is the reason that made me fond of Metroid even Nintendo. I once had a dream of Metroid remake by others, now it comes true. You can image how excited I was while being informed about this project from my friends. And I can fully understand how you feel when you are remaking this series, the re-design of the bosses, new areas and appropriate puzzles and even more about, the whole gameplay experience, remade soundtracks: AM2R full release is the real masterpiece of the remake series with dedication and full-heart nearly reaching its perfection.

I know this is not just a dream that will always come true, let’s forget about the what Nintendo did so far, as you mentioned, they have the obligation to do that. While maybe both you and Nintendo can reach out to each other to figure a better way of sustaining this project rather than simply taking it down, since Nintendo has made some of the fans feel uncomfortable and frustrating, which we really do not let it happens, it could be one of the best days in our life.

“Metroid is in its heaven, all’s right with its fans”.
Anonymous said…
In the last six years, I have kept a close eye on all the project as well as every blog release after I found the blog with a AM2R demo 1.3 download link. At that time, it made me shocked, it is a perfect remake.

You know, when I was young, I used to carry a GB with Metroid 2: Return of Samus, it was part of my childhood and it is the reason that made me fond of Metroid even Nintendo. I once had a dream of Metroid remake by others, now it comes true. You can image how excited I was while being informed about this project from my friends. And I can fully understand how you feel when you are remaking this series, the re-design of the bosses, new areas and appropriate puzzles and even more about, the whole gameplay experience, remade soundtracks: AM2R full release is the real masterpiece of the remake series with dedication and full-heart nearly reaching its perfection.

I know this is not just a dream that will always come true, let’s forget about the what Nintendo did so far, as you mentioned, they have the obligation to do that. While maybe both you and Nintendo can reach out to each other to figure a better way of sustaining this project rather than simply taking it down, since Nintendo has made some of the fans feel uncomfortable and frustrating, which we really do not let it happens, it could be one of the best days in our life.

“Metroid is in its heaven, all’s right with its fans”.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I get here to play the finally finished am2r that I had literally been waiting years with a huge sense of nostalgia to play and admire, and freaking Nintendo shuts it down. I am truly devastated that something like this happened, and so quickly too. Man I feel like never playing Nintendo's games ever again :,(
Unknown said…
I find it extremely ironic that Nintendo a Japanese company is no stranger to Doujinshi works that proliferate Japan. These fan works ranging from popular fan mangas, fan video games, fan music and fan anime are rarely ever issued a cease and desist order. A famous example of a fan manga artist was Toyble aka Toyotaro who created a Dragon Ball fan manga known as DB AF and now he officially draws the manga counterpart to the Dragon Ball Super anime. We have Zeldaclassic, Smwcentral and even hundreds of fan hacks of Super Metroid, so why would Nintendo feel the need to act on this project? My only conclusion is that modifying a rom is overlooked by them, but recreating a game with improved visuals and gameplay mechanics that competes with a neglected franchise that Metroid was enough to raise a red flag. I'm a bit worried about the Mother 4 project, although the creator Shigesato Itoi has stated he is not interested in making a Mother 4 and would be interested in seeing someone else design it. So I hope that holds true in the end. DoctorM64 we all support you and however the updates are to be shared just make sure you do it via another site and not here since they are most likely watching. P.S. please add a tribute to Gunpei Yokoi like you did for Satoru Iwata in the ending credits.
APL said…
The opposite of what you say is true. Nintendo gave us a gift to let this project release before chasing it. They had to protect their trademark if they don't they lose it.
If they did it earlier then we don't get the joy of playing am2r.
Thank you for this project game is amazing!!!!
Unknown said…
Nintendo was dead 10 years ago anyways..its a toy for kids really.
Saviour-V said…
DoctorM64, despite the DMCA, you're still going to keep this baby updated, and for that, I respect you immensely.

Having said that, I've obtained 100% item completion on Normal, but I have three spoiler questions:

1. What are the requirements for the endgame achievements? I've got one with in her armour, with the Baby Metroid following after it.

2. What's the minimum percentage of items needed to tackle the game on all 3 difficulties? I trust that some of us will attempt 15% runs.

3. There's a room that contains 5 fast-travel tubes later in the game, but one is completely closed-off. Is that one meant to lead anywhere in particular?

Please let me know. Thanks!

Saviour-V, from Malaysia.
Sephirous said…
I just finished the game at roughly 3 Hours and 30 Minutes.

Playing it brought back so many memories.
Once I saw the Queen, Shivers came running down my spine.
I literally just stood their in shock as I got my butt handed to me, Fingers frozen on the controller.
After beating the game and seeing the ending, Tears came to my eyes.
This was perfectly done, I didn't see any errors or glitches from beginning to end.

I'm glad I was able to get this while I could.
Looks like Nintendo is jealous again.
If only they would heed to the fans wants instead of making such crap, maybe they wouldn't have to send out notices and such.

I won't get into that, this is a time of joy not anger.

Thanks for creating this project and giving myself a second chance at my child hood.
AM2R will never be forgotten!
Unknown said…
I my honest opinion, you should strike a deal with Nintendo regarding making a new 2D Metroid game. You've done an amazing job.

Also the initial release bugs are to be expected, just try to patch them out.

Unknown said…
thanks for the great work doc, because of AM2R I hope to sometime in the future create a Super Metroid remaster for the metroid community(or atleast be apart of a group/team that undertakes such a project potentially). I managed to snag the completed AM2R just after it launched and completed it just yesterday, overall its very well done except maybe a few small things(adjustment to Omega encounters slightly*, Queen fight could use some adjustment**)

I'm disappointed with the DMCA take down. I know Nintendo has a right to protect their property, but it doesn't really make any sense why they issued a DMCA. If they didn't want the project finished or released, than why did they let it get to completion at all? They could've ended it a long time ago as others have pointed out and it would've been a lot less trouble to end it before it was completed. Legally you should be able to get around the DMCA and continue working on AM2R with little trouble, you haven't done anything wrong and since its non-profit, you didn't need to apply for the Nintendo content creator license. Even if they find something to charge you with, they would lose more money charging you than would be worth their time or effort. Even than, theirs a sizeable fan base that would fight by your side and in the end, Nintendo would lose regardless.

If you can Doc, I(and plenty of others I'm sure) would really appreciate it if you could give a download for the soundtrack in the future. I would really like to have Am2r's soundtrack on my Iphone alongside the Blake Robinson Remaster of the Super Metroid soundtrack.

Thanks again for the excellent game Doc

*A couple of the Omega encounters were a bit too difficult because of the way a couple of the rooms the encounters took place in didn't allow for the player to be able to dodge its attacks. More often it was easier to just take the hits and deal as much damage as possible(basically, like the Gamma metroid fights, basically just let it attack you(retreat and replenish if necessary)and spam missiles until you kill it). I think maybe give the player more room/ceiling to dodge, but make it so maybe the Omega has a shell that takes multiple regular missiles or a charge attack to destroy before you can deal damage directly(or something). I think this would make the Omega fight a bit more challenging and fluid at the same time(potentially anyway, always needs testing first).

**I've noticed that several others have posted this as well, but during the Queen fight, it is rather vague on how to actually deal damage to it. Even the log entry really leaves you in the dark. It says its shell/armor has grown impervious(or pretty much) over its long life, and if you haven't played the original(or haven't played in a very long time) than you won't know that you need to hit it with missiles in order to damage it(without some experimentation/deaths first). If you adjust the log a bit, this will become a non-issue. I think the damage stages could be adjusted a bit, like maybe its first stage it can only be damaged by super missiles, second it can be damaged by regular missiles as well, third and final being missiles and bombs(log updated accordingly).

***(End, apologies for the(really) long post)I personally haven't encountered the invisible gravity suit glitch, I got it rather late(got a bit confused and ended up exploring for a while) so I'm not sure if when the player gets the gravity suit causes the glitch. Potentially it might be a hardware issue, which would explain why some people encounter the glitch and not others(AMD vs Nvidia/intel(GPU and CPU are both AMD products for me(GPU is Sapphire variant) perhaps, or maybe OS). Maybe do a Q&A to collect data and check for a correlation. Hope this helps, Doc.
Pabloscko said…
Si yo fuera nintendo te contrataría en el acto.. Pero es bueno que todo esto te haya ayudado a crecer profesionalmente.

Solo queda agradecerte el dejarme apreciar este grandioso juego de la mejor manera posible. Completado al 100% por lo que estoy muy satisfecho. excelente uso de los espacios y los secretos.
Thexare said…
Meanwhile, Sega encourages the sharing of Sonic romhacks through the Steam Workshop.

But, Nintendo is and I fear always will be stuck in the past.
Anonymous said…
This is an awesome project. I was waiting from the begins of the developement and I wanted to play it, more when I played the demos one to one. :)
Fortunately I could get it before de DMCA problems and I really loved all of it, the new bosses, the upgrades and the new graphics used on it. Of course, I love too the original version and also got it from eshop, and this remake remembered me my very first time playing this game.

Saviour-V said…
For my very first encounter with the Queen Metroid (since I never played Metroid 2), the leadup to her, starting from the area with 3 Omega Metroids, slowly filled me with terror. As if I could feel something remotely evil was close at hand.

And when I finally encountered that last boss, I almost thought I wouldn't be able to beat her without getting a Game Over.

Managed to do so without dying, and later treated her to a dose of explosive diarrhea, courtesy of a Power Bomb.

*grins evilly...*

Good times.
cannon_sprite said…
For the people who are wondering, Nintendo knows of the existence of AM2R since at least 2013. Jeremy Parish mentioned it on a Retronauts podcast that was released around that time. He said that he had talked to people inside Nintendo who confirmed that they know of AM2R. Retronauts is a reputable videogames podcast and Jeremy is a respected videogame journalist who has connections with people who would know these things so I believe that what he said is true.

IMO it is the explosion of articles on the release of AM2R that ultimately forced Nintendo's hand. It was practically inescapable; all tech websites I regularly go to had an article about it. Because of this, I understand why Nintendo did it. As mentioned previously by other commenters, Nintendo does have to protect its IP or else it could easily get out of their hands, so I'm a happy that at least Nintendo didn't put a stop to it at least until after 1.0.

With that out of the way, I would like to personally thank DoctorM64 for sharing with us this wonderful and frankly astounding creation. This is the very definition of a passion project and it's extremely cool that we all share the fruits of your hard work, dedication, and time. For that, I am extremely grateful. I have yet to finish the game, but that's only because I'm taking my sweet, sweet time. I mean, come on. It's for all intents and purposes a classic Metroid game. We don't get to play these very often.

Thanks, thanks again.
Unknown said…
NO ... I totally forgot that! Today I just looked up and saw that it was taken down ... how the hell am I supposed to play the full game now??? :'(
Anonymous said…
Nintendo has lots of problems and their latest games and game consoles just suck. The old games were quite some fun and I still own an original NES. But so far... Nintendo is dead for me. I don't like the company and I will not spend any more money into this ####### Nintedo business.
Thanks for making AM2R!
Unknown said…
doc escuche por ahi que eres de argentina bueno en fin no importa

solo te menciono una cosa no dejes que nintendo te eche a perder tu momento de gloria esos estupidos gringos/japoneses de nintendo solo se la llevan haciendo puras pendejadas de juegos en cambio tu y los que te ayudaron en este proyecto tienen un talento que es admirable

sinceramente yo si fuera tu 1st hablo de forma civilizada con ellos si de plano no quieren entender y aceptar la realidad entonces haz las cosas como lo hacen en mi pais como carteles de narcotrafico
y que se metan por el culo si te mandan un cese y desista (ellos que chingaos te pueden hacer si vives en argentina acaso hacer un ridiculo viaje caro desde gringolandia/chinolandia hasta tu casa?)
espero que esos idiotas la piensen bien en dejarte seguir con esto ya que si yo fuera el presidente de nintendo y me entero que haces esto por pura fama y no por dinero para mi no seria un problema si no mas bien una oportunidad de ofrecerte un puesto en la empresa o incluso te compraria tu proyecto a una excesiva cantidad de dinero

y en cuanto a tu creacion lo mas seguro esque ya el mundo entero lo esta disfrutando y entre mas gente lo disfrute mas gente vas a tener a tu favor y nintendo va quedar en la ruina si no aceptan que solo se la llevan haciendo porquerias
Alex said…
I'm just letting you know that I will never forget AM2R.
Metroid 2 is one of my favorite game on the game boy. When I saw that someone was working on a remake, I was excited.
I've been keeping an eye to your blog since forever and I'm really glad to see this project come to fruition. It must have been hard not giving up. You and your crew truly are an inspiration.
Alex said…
I've working in a translation of the game in Portuguese.

Most of the menu's texts are translated.

If you want I can finish the translation and send to the project for the next release has Portuguese as second language.

Great work.
Unknown said…
you are too kind towards Nintendo, doctor... It took you and your friends who don't work for Nintendo to get us what we want....unbelievable.... For if you try to get ahold of them through their website so as to share our thoughts and opinions to them.. we are brought to a page that says they no longer take customer feedbacks anymore because they say they have a devoted team that knows exactly what they're doing. It also basicaly says that if we want to have a say in what we want out of Nintendo, we need to go take a course in videogame programming and work for them also before they'l even consider listening to anything we have to say. If they are that stuck up and full of sh*t, that they won't listen to their fans as to what videogames they'd like to play in the future.... then they deserves to fail and go belly up. They could have at least offered to put AM2R on the market and give you and your friends a cut on the sales. Heck... if I was president at Nintendo, I'd have offered you guys jobs. You guys have proven how talented you are, because the game is awsome. Hopefully we will see updates for AM2R in the future. Heres a link to Nintendo's website that proves what I was talking about earlier.
Stig said…
I completed my first playthrough (100%) this morning. 8 hours, 52 minutes.

I'm not sure what my expectations were, but this is a stronger piece of work than I could have possibly imagined. I think it is the equal of any of the 2D metroid games and is now an integral part of the series in my head.

In terms of bugs or issues, I encountered practically none - the only one was that the music sometimes stops, necessitating going into the sound menu and playing with the music volume to get it back (very minor issue, happened twice). Also, I recommend that you have Vsync turned on by default, as I heard many people refer to screen tearing as if it was an issue with the game.

I don't really have the right words to give you the correct amount of praise for this project - it has seen worldwide success within the last week and it deserves it. Very, very well done and thank you for one of the best things I've played this year.
Unknown said…
Kotaku is claiming you've got a C&D letter. You should probably set them straight on the manner.

I'm loving the game, you're totally doing a great job on it,,, my only complaint is, when you press jump twice (Like I do when I'm trying to jump at hit something several times), it moves you forward. On the next version could you give an option to turn that off? Also, on future versions can you make it where the saves are compatible with the older versions?

That being said, keep up the awesome work!!!
Daniel said…
You could always distribute patch files to go on top of the last version that was available...

That wouldn't be distributing the entire game but rather the changes that were made...

Much like ROM hacks... they don't provide the entire ROM but rather the changed data
Anonymous said…
just found the shinespark puzzle in the chozo shrine, and i have to say that was very clever and well done. this whole game is, and i'm glad to have gotten my hands on it. thank you very much for the effort, it's well appreciated
ThatNateGuy said…
What +Joshua Smith said,

I downloaded it before it got taken down. Anybody who wants it, I am happy to provide it privately. Feel free to message me on G+.
Anonymous said…
Don't grovel and give in to Nintendo, dude. Federation Force is garbage and I have no intention of supporting their scummy policies with a crappily emulated Metroid 2 on the e-shop.

Anonymous said…
Dropping by to just say: thank you, to everyone involved with this project. For providing us with an amazing experience (Metroid and Gaming in general), for paying the Metroid series an untold amount of respect through your endeavours (because it really, really shows), and for dealing with this situation with evident maturity (methinks, you had seen this coming from the very early days of this game's making; and, I think I speak for everyone when I say, thank you for persevering).

I wish you all the best; now, and for the future.
MaskedManClaus said…
Yes, please try and contact Nintendo to see if they can officially release this. =)
Tyreaus said…
I will continue hoping that, somehow, for some reason, someone at Nintendo contacts you and manages to work something out to get this back up. Even if it's on something like Steam as Nintendo's extremely brief foray into the PC market so it doesn't outright clash with their virtual console release of Metroid II, or simply as a rework to get it ported to the console, or anything that doesn't squander such artwork.

In the interim, this will be one of the very, very few games I will be replaying. Again. And again. While scouring the depths of the internet for any updates you can slip out.

Also, let us know of anything else you decide to work on! Can't imagine what you could pull off without having to tangle with legal bullocks.
Unknown said…
me desculpe se voce n entende nada do que eu estou falando mais aqui vai minha opiniao...
NINTENDO realmente e uma idiota
a muito tempo esperamos por este remake feito por um fa ja que a propria NINTENDO NUNCA se prontificou em fazer nenhum remake dos jogos de METROID
eu gostei MUITO deste remake e joguei ele com muito bom gosto zerei com todos os itens e estou MUITO a espera de novos updates
obrigado por tudo man
vc me fez despertar minha vontade de jogar os jogos em metroidvania novemente
n desista do seu projeto
tudo isso foi os frutos do seu trabalho que vem de anos q eu e muita gente acompanhou
obrigado por tudo e eu estarei te acompanhando no blog do am2r com certeza
obrigado T.T
Unknown said…
I donwnloaded the game via BT yesterday. It amazing what this team have done without any support of Nintendo.

Congrats to all who have contributed to this project.

Is there any chance to have a spanish version of this game?
Unknown said…
you`re the same guys if canceled fsmr you will make them again super metroid
Unknown said…
Just want to say I'm having a great time with the game and you've done a great job with it. You should be extremely proud of your accomplishment. I have only just finished the area where you pick up the Varia Suit, but so far the game truly captures the atmosphere and gameplay of a classic Metroid game.
Anonymous said…
They would have to buy it if they wanted to release it officially. Copyright law gets a bit weird, but essentially, Nintendo has the right to get AM2R taken down because Metroid, and all of its characters, are Nintendo's property being used without permission. However, AM2R itself, along with all original art assets, belongs to the creator, not Nintendo. They can take it down, but they can't claim it for their own use.
Unknown said…
Thank you very much for never giving up on AM2R, Doc. You and your team did amazing work, and it is a real shame that Nintendo cannot even be bothered to provide support for your project. They've had plenty of opportunities to remake Metroid 2, but they never bothered to do so.

All they have to do is make an offer to you and your team to officially publish and release it on the E-shop, so that they make some profit, as well as your team. Why Nintendo doesn't want to approach indie developers or teams to do remakes, fan-made or even translations for their games is beyond me.

Literally all they'd have to do is play the game themselves to make sure it meets their standards, and approve it, or requests changes to be made.

Nintendo needs to really get with the times and start listening to their fans. Screw the casual market, they're a toxic bunch anyways. I still support Nintendo, but far less than I used to. Especially if they're going to continue to release crap like Federation Force or Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. And as exciting as the new Zelda game looks, I'm not buying it first day; I'm not about to fall for the same BS again, like they did for the 3DS launch lineup.
Lumanare said…
I'm behind ya all the way man. This is how I feel a kick ass Metroid game should be. It just feels more... vivid and worthwhile. Damn Nintendo to hell, they should of thought about BUYING the source code, or even offering a license for this.
Unknown said…
bah. The original holds its own in terms of spooky, dark, and desolate. It takes guts to play, and skill to win. This new am2r is great, but offers much more that ultimately reduces the sustained feeling of fear and impending doom the original instills.
Unknown said…
Perhaps look into licensing, like what Splash Damage did for Return To Castle Wolfenstein, or talk to Retro Studios to see what they could offer you, or direction to go.
Andrew said…
as someone who has a legal copy of metroid 2, i don't have any qualms about grabbing this remake. i want to thank you for polishing metroid 2 to a game i could actually enjoy - the original release was, frankly, nigh-impossible to play, especially after playing zero mission and fusion. it's sad that nintendo hit you with the takedown, but i don't hate them for it. in the event you do ever take donations, do let us know
Unknown said…
This game is fantastic, I'm just disappointed that Nintendo didn't chose to hire your team/ That way they could have distributed the game in their virtual console and had you working on future entries for the series.
Unknown said…
So loving the game and will be trying to play it as much as I can, it's just disappointing that instead of hiring your team so that they can distribute this game in their virtual console Nintendo just decided to issue a DMCA. Specially because they could have had your team work on future versions of Metroid, for Nintendo's consoles.
Fuck Nintendo said…
I'd like to not be mad at Nintendo, but I cannot. Screw Nintendo and I hope they go the way of THQ. The new Zelda is the only thing I have been looking forward too, and now I don't even care about that anymore.
DrFluke Hawkins said…
Un grand bravo pour le travail que tu as accompli, cher DoctorM64! Bravo aussi à tes collaborateurs (faut pas les oublier).
Devant la masse de travail, la qualité de jeu, des graphismes, des musiques et tout, on peut se demander si l'injonction de Nintendo ne serait finalement pas motivée par la jalousie. Abstraction faite de la question des droits d'auteur, j'espère au moins qu'ils ont aimé cette nouvelle mouture de leur précieuse franchise qu'ils n'ont pas su renouveler avec autant de panache que tu ne l'as fait (et en qualité d'amateur, en plus!). Tu as tout notre soutien, et nous espérons que la situation va vite se débloquer. ;)
JPolchowski said…
Is there any way to proffer donations?
Anonymous said…
People are using this explicit explanation of the situation to continue to blame Nintendo for things they are not doing. People want Nintendo to be this terrible company when they're simply not. People don't understand that you can't force good games, nor do they understand how their precious Metroid series has been developed over the years.

Thank you for making this game. Thank you for setting the record straight. Keep doing what you're doing. Someone like Nintendo should hire you.

I think that the last few areas could use some work. Aside from the Omega Metroids, they seem fairly empty and unthreatening, and there are multiple such areas/they go on for quite some time... the last stretch of other Metroid games is not like this. The argument is that the original Metroid II was like this, but the entire rest of AM2R is completely different.
jasons's buddy said…
Put the link back up now fight Nintendo.
Anonymous said…
Why should I give THEM money when they are not the ones providing what I want?
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