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Back on track

After some time with "Game-Designer´s Block", I finally started working again. I focused mainly on what´s remaining of level design. There´s still a lot of boring caves that connect the last areas with the Omega nest and the Queen´s area. But I decided to start with some interesting locations first... I wonder where this leads to... And WHAT IS THAT!! I´m nowhere near finishing the final area, but I´m starting with the tileset and the level layout. Also, MichaelGabrielR finished his excellent "Super Mod" for Metroid: Confrontation. It replaces the music, tiles, backgrounds, and most importantly, the power suit design with a custom Super Metroid inspired one. This design might be the one to be used in AM2R, so feel free to try the mod out. Super Mod for Metroid: Confrontation Rapidshare MediaFire MegaUpload Well, have fun playing the demo again.