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Happy Holidays!

Again, the year is almost over. It's the time when we sit down and reflect on all the progress we made, and all the difficulties we faced. AM2R had some steady progress, and even if it's not as much as I expected, the game is a bit closer to be finished. A year ago, by this time, the second demo was released. This year, despite some rough times, there was progress in the overall engine, a lot of small bugs and some performance issues were taken care of. XInput support was added, and the game can be played with full XBox360 gamepad support now. Area 3, and the cave sections before Area 4 are almost ready to be played in a new demo. Besides a yearly retrospective, I always talk about what the new year will bring. In the following month I'll be moving to a new home. I'll have my space to assemble a small studio, and dedicate more time to all my personal projects. These last few months I spent a couple hours a day fixing and remodeling an old house, and working on AM2R