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Demo Update 1.31

The demo release went really well. There weren't many critical bugs this time, and people liked the new material. Still, some details needed to be improved. Some bugs needed to be fixed. So, after a very intensive month of development, here's a Demo Update. AM2R Demo 1.31 What's new: - Fixed a Gamma fight game crashing bug in Area 3 - Revamped Speed Booster mechanics - Small tweaks to Area 3 miniboss - Knockdown recovery (press jump before touching the ground) - Added Speed Booster Mockball - Tiles and backgrounds in Area 3 were improved - Added enemy freeze sound - Missiles and Super Missiles use custom designed sprites - Tweaks to item sprites - Small changes in level design - Reduced RAM consumption - Many small fixes and overall improvements The Speed Booster had a nice revamp. It feels more solid and more versatile than ever. There are plenty of small details and improvements. There are still some bugs that involve slowdown and crashes on very spe