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More platforms, and wallpapers

I'm happy to announce that, thanks to a promotion in the YoYoGames store, I could afford a Game Maker Master Collection license for a decent price. This will allow me to experiment with several compile targets. AM2R could then, in theory, be ported to mobile. I'll post here if I can manage to do anything cool. One of the main mechanics to be used in Area 5 is working so far. This means I can now finish adjusting the layout of the overall area, so this new mechanic is used properly. I recently shifted my attention to the Omega Metroid sprite. The animations of the Zeta ended up looking pretty nice, and now the Omega will be receiving a similar treatment. New frames were drawn for some of the body parts, and the color pallette is being tweaked constantly, to match the environment of the Omega Nest. And last but not least, the first official Wallpaper Pack is now available at the DOWNLOADS  page, thanks to the awesome ZimK . There's more coming soon, so stay tuned.