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The Demo

So, NCFC is finishing today, it was another year with awesome fan-games, and a great community. For those who didn´t visit the convention yet, today´s the final day. This year AM2R showcased the first, official Demo with actual content from the game. No minigame with tedious bosses this time, this is pretty much what you´ll find in the fist section of the finished game. DOWNLOAD MFFHost Crocko FileFactory Mirror1 As usual, there were a couple of things that were not finished in time for the NCFC. The title screen song is halfway done, and I couldn´t finish the intro sequence (featuring the text I showed you in the last post). But the contents you do find were polished A LOT. Most of my time was spent debugging a lot of tiny details, half of them regarding the new music engine. Anyway, if you still haven´t tried it out, go ahead and have some fun blasting some Alphas. Just make sure you use all of Samus´s mobility during the fights. Metroids evolved quite a lot

NCFC is near again...

This year´s Nintendo Community FanGame Convention is near! That means there´s going to be some exclusive, never seen before AM2R material shown. Make sure you bookmark that URL, and visit the convention on the 23rd. Thanks to all the great people who participated with the intro sequence text ideas. I already chose an intro, so congratulations to Lex, author of the following: Metroid. After all that transpired on Zebes, the Galactic Federation has come to view these creatures as highly-dangerous life forms. By enlisting me to exterminate the remaining Metroids on their homeworld, Planet SR388, the Federation hopes to secure peace in the galaxy. Once again I find myself standing alone against the Metroid menace. What horrors await me within the depths of this vile world? One neat idea that has been discussed in the forums is about having a Log in the game. I like how the idea included details about making it passive, not intruding the normal gameplay at all, so people who w