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AM2R Demo Update 1.32

Besides some minor bugs here and there, I was able to add some improvements. AM2R Demo v1.32 The biggest change was to replace all the in-game transitions and cutscenes that used background resources created in real-time. As I was able to test with several users having slowdown and crashes mid-game, this change solved that issue. So, if you were experiencing slowdowns or crashed, please give this version a try. It was a pretty extensive change, but it's one less feature to rewrite from scratch whenever I get to port the game to GM Studio. Speaking of which, I was able to conduct a small test, to see the impact of the port. To get the game running, I had to remove TONS of features and mechanics. This will take some time, but having the option to make builds for Linux and Mac will be worth the effort. Besides all the work put into the update, the contents of the rest of the game is being worked on. While I continue to make things work in the next area, some of the collabora