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New area, and progress

This is the approximate progress of the project. Game Engine Physics, states, behaviours - 100% Abilities - 100% Powerup System - 100% Weapons - 98% (some balance and testing still needed) Enemies - 70% Map System - 100% HUD - 100% Sound FX - 60% Music - 30% Level Design - 75% Still to do: Omegas nest, Queen´s lair, new area and the tunnels connecting those places. Also, some of the done areas still need tweaking and scripting. Metroids Alpha - 95% (some cosmetic details left) Gamma - 90% (could use some more animation frames) Zeta - 60% (needs a lot of sprite work, and is still missing the fireball attack) Omega - 0% Queen - 0% About the new area. It was kinda frsutrating to have a new place to unleash my level design creativity at such a late part of the game. By the time you reach this place, Samus is a walking tank, with a lot of health and all the abilities of the game. The only item that can limit the exploration is the Power Bomb, since it´s aqcuired there. But once you get th

Zeta Metroids

So, NCFC is over. It was even cooler than last year, and AM2R was given again the "Best Metroid Booth" award. I was sure the award was going to be given to the guys of Project Prime (BTW, check it out if you haven´t). Thanks to all the great people at NCFC! Here´s the trailer I made for the event, and some new pics: There are mixed oppinions about the Zetas. First of all, this is a Work In Progress sprite, and I decided to show it just for the NCFC. The animations are unfinished, and there are details to tweak about the overall apprearance. Second, I took a slightly different approach in the design. The original Zeta seemed to be designed within the limits of the sprite size, and it´s a good middle step between the original Gamma and the original Omega designs displayed in-game. In my case, Omegas will be fairly smilar to the ones in Fusion, in terms of size and proportions. If I were to use a more "traditional" design, there would be a major evolutionary differenc