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Fixing the bugs...

Ok, new update. I was able to contact one of the many people experiencing problems with the first room transition of the game. I was able to fix this bug, among others. So, if you were anxious to play the demo, and had trouble getting into the first cave at the landing site, be sure to try v1.21. You can find it HERE . Kousoru was kind enough to share his version of the SpiderBall with me. It works in his engine, but mine handles collisions differently. I sat down this afternoon to code the SpiderBall from scratch, now it's clearly separated in specific stages (evaluate terrain, direction, execute movement, etc.), instead of the simple system with many workarounds for slopes that was before. Now it works like it should, it flows much better than before. Anyway, the most critical bugs were solved, I'm focusing on polishing the rest of the game. I want to thank all the great people that gave their oppinions, comments and bug reports about AM2R. Have a good weekend!

Demo Update

After a lot of polishing, testing and hard work, here's the update I promised. You can find download links at THIS PAGE . There's been many improvements and fixes. If you had trouble running the game on Windows 8, you can try this new version. Here's some of the new features: - 3 Save slots system - 3 Difficulty settings - Revamped options screen - Added Game Over screen - Added idle standing animation to Samus - Small changes in Area 2 Breeding Grounds - Small tweaks to some logs - New resource loading system compatible with Win 8 - Many small cosmetic changes - Many bugfixes As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Have a good weekend!